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What is the Festivus Scholarship

At the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation we regularly get emails asking, ‘What is the Festivus Scholarship?”  So we will try to explain it and clear up one big misconception. The Festivus Scholarship is a scholarship for, “the rest of us.”  The name was selected by interns at the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation during a scholarship…
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High School Biology Scholarship

The High School Biology Challenge is a biology scholarship and team competition offered by the  Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation (CKSF).  Each month there is a new quiz that corresponds with the the College Board curriculum guide.  If you are heading to college after high school, you should participate in this scholarship. Even if you don’t win…
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What if Biology was a Sport?

What if high school biology class was a sport? And what if each high school was a team and every student was eligible to participate?  And what if the best biology students served as the captains and it was to their benefit to help all the other students do well? Teachers would still be teachers –…
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Get Paid To Study – Biology

“I wish I could get paid to study!”  What student hasn’t said this at least one time?  And it probably sounds like an unrealistic dream and maybe even too good to be true.  But sometimes dreams do come true.  You can think of the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation as the magician that makes it happen…
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