“Where Your Trash Goes Scholarship”, another CKSF Success

May 22, 2014—The Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation’s “Think Green – Where Your Trash Goes Scholarship” exposed the hidden treasures found in Waste Management’s website yielding a high participation and registration rate on its debut.

CKSF is known for providing no essay scholarships through the use of fun, online quizzes, and providing financial awards to those who score the highest. Specifically, the “Think Green – Where Your Trash Goes Scholarship” is based on material found on the Waste Management Inc. website, www.thinkgreen.com .  The scholarship was open to all high school, college, and out of school individuals in the United States. As a result, Stephani A. Prieto Salinas was able to win a $250 scholarship to the University of her Choice simply by knowing where your trash goes.

When asked about her thought on the scholarship, Stephani replied “[…] I feel like a genius because I know all this info about recycling, and different techniques that are out there when it comes to disposing trash.”

Along with providing the nation with recycling education, Waste Management is also a renewable energy provider and a firm believer in the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle concept.  The company offers solutions to communities that will aid them in the goal of accumulating zero waste. CKSF aimed to have 20,000 students register for the quiz and in return had over 31,000 registered students! “Taking this quiz is not only helping a student earn scholarship money, but it is also helping each student who participates the opportunity to become more informed on the environmental issues surrounding them,” says CKSF president Daryl Hulce.

Students have a chance to earn a scholarship without being compared to other students in regards to GPA or essays, as our winner clearly states “The thing I liked the most about the scholarship is how it was such a unique topic. It’s not like any other scholarships out there. It was definitely a breath of fresh air from the common essay scholarships.”

The Think Green Scholarship has made an impact. As garbage comes in, money is coming out. Luckily, the Think Green Scholarship is one of many quiz competitions that the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation has to offer. To get involved, register for an account on www.cksf.org and get started right away!

About Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation

Developed and administered at Nova Southeastern University’s Fischler School of Education, the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation (CKSF) creates unique opportunities for students of all ages by awarding scholarships and prizes through the use of Internet-based quiz competitions. Students who answer the greatest number of questions correctly in the shortest amount of time are declared contest winners. Since 2001, CKSF has awarded over $350,000 to 800 participants in the United States. CKSF scholarships can be used at the school of the winners’ choice. For more information on CKSF, please visit http://www.cksf.org.

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