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Think Green: Where Your Trash Goes Scholarship

March 18, 2014 ·

http://washington-apa.org/images/site/Reuse-Reduce-Recycle.gifHave you ever wondered where your trash goes? The staff at the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation wanted to know, and thanks to Belen Perez, environmental sciences major and Jennifer Coley, a marine biology major, our fellow CKSF employees, we not only figured it out, but found a way to share it with others. For this reason, CKSF developed the Think Green: Where Your Trash Goes Scholarship that is based on the recycling initiatives made by Waste Management Inc, the largest environmental solutions provider in North America.

 "It’s an amazing feeling being able to create a scholarship that is meant to educate people and the importance of sustainability and recycling. With the educational material taken from Waste Management's website, I hope that individuals will enjoy studying for the quizzes as well as the opportunity to learn something new,” says Belen as she talks about her experience coordinating this scholarship.

The Where Your Trash Goes scholarship uses the educational material found on the Waste Management website, and has been made available to all high school, college, and out of school individuals for free without an essay or GPA requirement. This web-based quiz competition scholarship takes less than 5 minutes to complete by simply logging in to cskf.org and registering for an account. The first place winner, which will be determined by the highest quiz score measured by time and accuracy, will earn a $250 scholarship to the college or university of his or her choosing.

There are two 15-question quizzes in the challenge round followed by a championship round to the individuals that score in the top 25%.

In a lifetime, the average American will throw away 600 times his or her adult weight in garbage – leaving a legacy of 90,000 pounds of trash for his or her children and if that wasn’t enough Americans throw away enough office paper annually to build a wall 12 feet high, stretching from Los Angeles to New York City. Sustainability, recycling, and bioremediation, are key elements to the continuing function of our landfills.

The time to be informed is now! All it takes is a desire to make our earth a better place to live – today and for future generations – plus a commitment from each of us who feels a responsibility to our shared environment. So log onto www.cksf.org and take the quiz. It’s the first step in making a difference and possibly earning scholarship money at the same time.

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The Sweet Companion

March 18, 2014 ·

After a long hard day of studying and working, no student or parent wants to sit down and write an essay on the journey that is life! Instead they would rather indulge in a piece of chocolate or a cup of hot cocoa. These relaxation habits were our inspiration for this new scholarship, cleverly titled “The Chocolate Scholarship”.

We, the staff at CKSF, took inspiration for this scholarship from our other STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) projects to combine the activity (in this case eating chocolate) with a fun education about the technical and scientific details behind chocolate. You will learn the chocolatier’s vocabulary, the chemistry of the chocolate, the health effects of eating chocolate and so much more.

To gain this knowledge, all you have to do is visit our webpage and cheat sheet where you will learn about the magic behind the chocolate that you so casually eat every day. Did you know that chocolate is a seed that grows on the trunk of a tree? It has organic molecules and it takes physics to change it from a liquid in a solid chocolate bar. After learning all about the fun scientific background of chocolate, you take a quiz on the information you learned, you can even refer back to the cheat sheet and webpage during the quiz. If you know the chocolate facts better than anyone else and get the highest score, you win! Winning this scholarship not only comes with bragging rights but you will also get a $250 scholarship to pay for your own or your child’s tuition! How great is that? (Very great!)

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Raechal Fotusky, Nursing Tuition Back Scholarship Winner

January 23, 2014 ·

Our winner from the UPENN College of Nursing, Raechal Fotusky, has received the full $1,000 back for her tuition for her Anatomy & Physiology course!

[

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Movie Monday

December 27, 2013 ·

University101.com and the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation are teaming up to bring college students "Movie Monday."  On the first Monday of each month a new movie quiz will be available at www.cksf.org.

Unlike other quizzes offered by the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation, Movie Monday is a fun movie trivia challenge that ends in the high scorer winning tickets to the movies.

University101.com surveyed college students from across the country asking what they would most like to have as fun quizzes that result in prizes.  The results of the survey are:

  1. Movies 
  2. Sports
  3. Food
  4. Travel
  5. T.V. Shows

To participate:

  • Register with the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation at www.cksf.org.
  • Each quiz will automatically become available to you in your account.
  • Review the list of movies at www.University101.com
  • Login and take the quiz!

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Think Green - Environmental Scholarship Open

December 01, 2013 · No Comments




High school students looking for no essay scholarships are in luck.  The "Think Green - Environmental Scholarship" is now available at the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation (www.cksf.org).

The theme of this Think Green Scholarship is the Florida Everglades. Everything you could want to know about one of the world's most unique ecosystems.  Interesting facts about alligators, birds, snakes, panthers, water and many other things that nature has placed in the "River of Grass."

Everything you need to know can be found on the scholarship information page which you can see by clicking here.

The format is simple, there are no essays write or applications to complete.  Just create a CKSF account one time and log on and start taking quizzes. There is even a cheat sheet that will allow you to prepare before you take the quiz.

When it comes to money for college and easy scholarships that require no essays, the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation has you covered.

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"The Meeting"

November 11, 2013 ·

November 11, 2013. Although I wasn’t informed of going to this meeting with the University’s VP, I must say it was an experience like no other in my 18 year life-span. Never before had I been in a big, ventilated, administrative office inhabited by an oval table used for discussing business proposals and marketing strategies. I never thought this would be of interest to me, but it was truly amazing. 

Nova Southeastern University’s Vice President, Dr. Brown is one of the sweetest, most understanding women I have ever met. She took great interest in all of us and what we do at CKSF. She even wrote down all of our names and hometowns which really made me feel important and taken seriously. The meetings main topic had to do with our arduously working employee, Jen, who has dedicated much of her time to a Marine Biology scholarship. I’m relatively new to the office and how the business world works, but it was clear in that meeting that all of our employees really do dedicate a lot of their time and talents to help this scholarship foundation with such sincere interest that it really got to me and made me realize I’m in a good place. Jen gave such an amazing presentation about the benefits of all her hard work that Dr. Brown had nothing else to say but “good job”.

Long story short, even though some people may not believe in the benefits of this organization, it is clear that Dr. Brown did. For the first time ever Marine Biology has the second highest enrollment increase at NSU this 2013/14 term thanks to the efforts of our Marine Biology scholarship. Not only has it helped out many students financially to further their education but it has also helped tremendously to raise awareness about NSU and its Marine Biology program. This truly is a great university due for some recognition to all the wonderful opportunities it provides its students.  

I felt like an executive at that meeting. When Bridget went on her marketing tangent my first thought was …”oh Bridget” and then I realized I was just in awe of our secret weapons talents.  Not to mention Belen speaking about her Environmental Science Scholarship. She expressed such zeal and confidence in spite of feeling ill. It’s a shame Eric wasn’t there to really just put the cherry on top and make it a party. Our interns, Robert and Stephany, showed tremendously impressive skills considering that they are still in high school! This is mind boggling to me because they do so much and do it so well at such a young age. I know Dr. Brown was definitely impressed by it. It was the first day I met Carolina and must say she’s a sweetheart I hope to meet at a more personal level. Evelyn, whom I also met on that day, was such a cutie and seemed very nice. I feel like I’m missing someone…oh yea, Daryl! This man is pure greatness. He’s taken us all in as if we really were his kids. Someone so wholehearted is hard to find. There were some beloved employees not at the meeting that are so important and friendly and seriously missed whenever not around. We really are lucky here at CKSF. I feel as though in the span of a month I’ve gained a family like no other. 

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Bullying in the Law Begins at J.P. Taravella High School

October 04, 2013 ·







On October 4, 2013, the NJROTC at J.P. Taravella High School in South Florida was the first school to implement the Bullying and the Law program. 

Bridget Guerrero, CKSF's Director of Marketing and Promotions and a former NJROTC Cadet of J.P. Taravella High School, is proud to bring the bullying program to her previous school. Guerrero met with the school principal and the NJROTC Commander to discuss the program and how it would benefit the students.

The cadets at J.P. Taravella High School are proud to be the first students to operate the program.

About the Program

Florida Bullying and the Law is a scholarship quiz all about the Florida anti bullying law as well as the federal civil rights law and the consequences of being arrested for bullying. 

For more information, visit the Bullying and the Law website

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Know Your Fish for Scholarships

October 03, 2013 ·

Finally the most convenient way to earn money toward further education has a great opportunity for marine biology enthusiasts! The Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation recently released another scholarship for the month of October: the Marine Biology Scholarship,partnered with Guy Harvey. For those of you that don’t know, CKSF focuses on providing simple, fair, and legitimate scholarship opportunities to all levels through everyday knowledge based quizzes, all without the aggravating essay, GPA, and application requirements. No, this is not a scam, it’s every student’s dream come true!  

High school students with an interest in marine biology across the United States can first register at www.cksf.org, and once registered will find the requirements to win the grand prize of $250 and some awesome Guy Harvey memorabilia, available October 1-29. Participants have access to the www.namethatfish.net database as well as a “cheat sheet” to help with each of the four initial quizzes in the challenge round. Easy enough, right!? What’s even better is that the “cheat sheet” study guides give students the exact information that will be on the test, and everyone has  a chance, so low scorers at first can always become winners! Since most students may not feel like continuing on to the second, third, and fourth rounds, those with persistence have the chance to win special Guy Harvey prizes if they score in the top 25%! Only the students with the highest overall scores move on to the championship round, available November 6-8.  

Who knew getting scholarships could be so simple? Backed by one of the most reliable scholarship foundations, the Marine Biology Scholarship is the perfect opportunity for any high school student who loves fish and earning money off what he or she knows best! For more information on the quiz requirements, visit www.cksf.org.

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The New Key Club Challenge Scholarship is Now Ready

October 01, 2013 ·

Key Club members across the country are excited to participate in the fourth Key Club Challenge, taking place in October, 2013. What started out as a local scholarship in South Florida is expanding into a national scholarship for all high school students in the United States.

The Key Club Challenge (KCC) is a free program for all high school students about Kiwanis' history, mission, objectives, Servant Leadership Programs, and major past projects to become better leaders within the community.

After meeting resistance on a local level, Key Club Member Nick Azcarate still believed that the KCC should be implemented at every high school in the country, “I served as the president of my Key Club, and I saw, firsthand, the effects on the members at my school. Attendance at meetings and events skyrocketed, allowing for us to have a very successful year. Taking on the scholarship was tough; I had to raise the funds for the scholarship myself, but I know it will be worth it in the end.”

Students who continually serve their communities can now be recognized for their dedication. Each high school participates as one team, and the highest scoring team wins a trophy and certificates. The highest scoring individual in the overall competition earns the title of ‘KCC National Champion’ and receives a $500 scholarship, which may be used at the college of the winner’s choice.

Every high school student in the country, regardless of whether he/she is a Key Club member, may participate. Key Clubs can use this as a membership recruitment tool to reinforce their current and future leaders with the values of Kiwanis International.

The winning team may be recognized by their sponsoring Kiwanis Club and the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation.

Registration is now opened at www.cksf.org and students can take the quiz between October 7 and October 18, 2013.

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What is the BYG Scholarship?

September 24, 2013 ·

The BYG Scholarship offered by the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation (CKSF) offers more than just money for college.  BYG stands for Before You Graduate and helps high school students understand a wide variety of things, important to know, as they get ready to enter the world on their own.

Each month the CKSF BYG scholarship offers an online quiz about a different subject that is helpful to know but not likely to be covered in a classroom or high school textbook. There are a series of quizzes scored on time and accuracy. Scores accumulate month to month until the end of December. The student with the highest score will be awarded a $500 scholarship, which may be used at the postsecondary school of his or her choice.  The high school with the highest combined score will win a national championship trophy. The contest then begins again in January and runs through April.

Monthly topics for the September - December BYG Scholarship: Geography, College Facts, Environment, and Health.

It is so simple; people sometimes don't believe CKSF is legit! 

Tips to winning:

  • Cheat sheet – for each month's quiz there is a cheat sheet available to review before taking the quiz.  If you are serious about winning money for college, invest ten minutes with this document.
  • Persistence – BYG scholarship winners are those that take all four quizzes.  It isn't hard to do, just one each month, each quiz takes less than five minutes to complete.
  • Look up the answers – It is OK to look up the answers.  In the real world, anything you need to know, you can Google and get the answer in a matter of seconds.  Just remember, CKSF quizzes are scored on time and accuracy.  Don't spend a lot of time reading the article, get the answer and come back to the quiz.  You can always go back and be fascinated later!

Good Luck!

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