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Nursing Scholarship Update

March 28, 2013 ·

They must be doing something right at the Carroll Community College nursing program.  As of March 29th J.Lippy is leading the CKSF National Nursing Tuition Back Scholarship.  So far J. Lippy is demonstrating a greater knowledge of anatomy than the other 614 students competing for this scholarship.

History suggests the lead will change several times before the nursing scholarship is actually awarded.  There are still two physiology quizzes left in this scholarship competition and often times students will study hard to come out on top in the second and third rounds.

The Tuition Back Scholarship program allows students to earn scholarship money for simply studying and taking an online quiz. Quizzes are developed on the core courses found in any nursing school curriculum. Any nursing student in the United States may register with the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation and take the quiz.  There are no essays, just simple online quizzes.  The winner is determined by time and accuracy.  

It's not too late.  Nursing students can still register with CKSF and get into the contest at www.cksf.org.



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The Owls of CKSF and NSU

March 26, 2013 ·

Every day is a new adventure at the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation.  As if being a part of Nova Southeastern University wasn't reward enough, outside our window (CKSF office in the background) is a pair of burrowing owls

Even with a great deal of traffic and commotion in the parking lot, these two birds seem calm and secure.  They make me want to create a wildlife scholarship using the National Audobon Society as the source of information.

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Pizza Math & Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation

March 25, 2013 ·

Imagine yourself at an elementary school at 3:15 on a Thursday afternoon and the students have just been released. What is the last thing any sane person would try and do?  The list is long and varied but the correct answer is herd the students into the library and try and get them all to do math.

And yet, look closely at this picture, these kids are so engaged trying to calculate basic math problems that at times they were literally crawling over the tables to see the quiz questions on the laptop.


It actually happens when we implement Pizza Math at a school.  Pizza Math is simply an online quiz in which all the quiz questions are simple math based on pizza.  Kids get 500 points for each correct answer and lose 1 point for each second it takes to calculate the answer. The person with the most points at the end of the quiz wins a free pizza.

So when it comes to Pizza Math, nothing is quite as it sounds.  Kids will do try very hard to do math after school and pizza becomes the carrot (it's all very metaphorical).

Making the Pizza Math a little easier to implement was teaming up with a Kiwanis club in south Florida that sponsors a K-kids.  It made for a great activity during a regularly scheduled K-Kids meeting. And if you really have things together, you can have a pizza shop donate or discount the pizza.  For this Pizza Math day, Pizza Loft in Davie, Florida helped us with the pizza.  The Kiwanis president then became a patron of the restaurant and everyone came out ahead.  Kids did math and had pizza and the big hearted pizza shop ended up with new customers.





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Education Tuition Back - Education Scholarship - Human Development

March 25, 2013 ·

Scholarships are hard to come by after high school and teacher scholarships should be listed as one of the endangered species in this country. To help right this academic wrong, the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation has added education to the list of Tuition Back Scholarships. This means that education majors can now compete for scholarship money for simply reading their text books.

The first Education Tuition Back Scholarship is based on the course, Human Development.  This is a course found at almost every college that prepares teachers for the classroom. The scholarship consists of several quizzes that correspond with midterms and finals.  So the first quiz should include the same content as would be seen on a midterm exam.  Even if a student doesn’t win the scholarship they will be preparing for the exam at the same time they are competing for scholarship money.

All Common Knowledge Scholarships utilize the same method in determining the winners.  Students log in during a specific window of time (days) that the quiz is available.  They receive 500 points for each correct answer and lose one (1) point for each second it takes to complete each question.  The person with the most points at the end of the contest is the scholarship winner and receives all or part of their tuition back for the course.

It is a fun and effective way to prepare for exams and earn scholarship money.

For complete information visit www.cksf.org

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CKSF Intern Insights

March 21, 2013 ·

Maybe they have a receptionist by the door. Maybe they will seat me in a waiting area until they are ready to interview me. Maybe I should have worn a pair of dress pants. The endless maybes raced in my mind as I approached the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation front door. But as their impossible-to-see-through-from-the-outside door swung open, I learned with relief that my imagination had been far too colorful. Student employees in cubicles replaced the receptionist, and perhaps the small table with a bowl of mints in the middle could have served as the waiting area. As for the dress code, dress pants would have been a little too much.

As Daryl and Lauren interviewed me, I focused on minimizing my stutter and the ridiculous shake in my hands. I rambled on about my experiences and hoped that something about my boring life would impress them. Then suddenly, Lauren asked, "How would you rate your level of creativity on a scale of 1 to 10? And give an example where you applied your creativity." I will never forget this question because the office went dead silent for a minute as I racked my brain for a response. I finally settled for a 5 and gave an example I wasn't too proud of. Thankfully, they still welcomed me and later introduced me to a world of opportunities for my creativity to grow.  

I began the internship expecting to conquer the "Not Listed" schools and eventually become the "Not Listed" czar. But several hundred schools later, Daryl offered me the chance to run a blog/newsletter, News Ninja, which reaches an audience of thousands of students. Though all this is exciting, the best part about this internship is the people I work with. At CKSF, we are a family who brings out the best of each other and livens up the atmosphere of the office. Here, my strengths are recognized and my work is praised. There is always an opportunity for me to grow and to learn useful skills. And because dress pants aren't required, I almost feel like the office is my second home. But as Daryl always says, "You can't live here!"

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Nursing Tuition Back - Round 1

March 18, 2013 ·

Half way through the first round of the CKSF Nursing Scholarship there are only 317 nursing students competing for the scholarship money.  This makes the chances of winning this scholarship exceptional. 

As with all CKSF scholarships, there are no essays required for the nursing scholarship.  There are three 15 question quizzes based on a standard nursing anatomy and physiology course.  Each students' score is a combination of time and accuracy while taking the quizzes and the person with the highest score at the end wins.  Even if a participant doesn't score the highest, the nursing scholarship is a good review for the course.  

Tuition Back Scholarships are the next generation of paying for college.  If the winner of the CKSF Nursing Scholarship is from one of the Tuition Back Schools, the student will receive their tuition back for their anatomy and physiology course (up to $1,000).

There are several ways to become a Tuition Back school.


  1. A fee of $100 can be paid by your school or a sponsor (maybe an alum of your school or the student government)
  2. Your school can be invited by the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation
  3. A limited number of school earn entrance by having faculty submit applicable quiz questions for the scholarship topics
For additional information on participating in the CKSF Tuition Back Nursing Scholarship visit: http://content.cksf.org/page.cfm/scholarships/nursing-scholarship2


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Marine Biology - Guy Harvey & First Winners

March 14, 2013 ·

Today, the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation (CKSF) ventured to the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation office in Davie, Florida to award the first place winner of the Marine Biology Scholarship, Patience Hall. Along with a $250 scholarship, Patience had the opportunity to meet Guy Harvey and receive an original piece of his artwork as well as an autographed Guy Harvey book. 

The Marine Biology Scholarship was designed to reward students for simply learning about marine animals. Patience, and other participants, prepared for the scholarship by studying the Marine Biology Challenge Database at namethatfish.net

The scholarship, in the form of an online quiz, invited all high school and college students in Florida to participate between February 17-23, 2013. Other top scorers also won Guy Harvey autographed prizes. 


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Daryl Hulce Awarded by FBI Director

March 11, 2013 ·

In early 2010, CKSF President Daryl Hulce accepted a Community Service Award from FBI Direct Robert Mueller.  Daryl was representing Nova Southeastern University for its part in developing the FBI-SOS (Safe Online Surfing) program.  The FBI-SOS (now USA-SOS) program is an Internet and Cyber Citizenship program for elementary and middle schools.

The program was developed using the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation’s core database and quiz mechanism. The concept for the FBI-SOS program was a result of lessons learned from an earlier scholarship created based on the Miami Dolphins.  It was from the Dolphins scholarship where it was learned that at CKSF we had a way to not only get students to a source of information but they would also study it so long as there was a prize at the end of sufficient size and value to motivate the students.  The Miami Dolphin’s scholarship was followed up with CKSF’s National FBI Scholarship, a scholarship quiz all about the FBI.  This scholarship was so popular that it caused the FBI recruitment office in Washington D.C. to call Daryl because they had so many people interested in working for the FBI during the scholarship contest.

Director Mueller’s recognition of the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation and Nova Southeastern University was a credit to Miami FBI Community Outreach Coordinator, Jeff Green and Special Agent Jim Lewis who were both instrumental in helping develop the program that has since educated over 350,000 kids in the United States.

The success of the program has put Daryl in a postion of helping other organizations develop and implement programs.  Most recently the core mechanism was used to create an ant-bullying program called the Bullying Academy, www.bullyingacademy.org.

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CKSF Ambassadors

March 11, 2013 ·


In December of 2011 the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation launched a new program, where local high school students were given the opportunity to become their school’s “ambassadors” to the BYG (Before You Graduate) quiz program. The purpose of the ambassador program, and our job as ambassadors, was to introduce the local student body to the BYG program and to motivate them to participate in it. At least once a month the CKSF team would gather us –a group of fourteen high school students- to discuss our ideas and strategies for reaching our peers. 

We created press releases, sent email blasts and even made our own BYG quiz (called College Facts) based on the things we wanted to know about college life. For me particularly, working with the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation helped me develop stronger leadership skills. At our final award ceremony and banquet, I was awarded the esteemed title: “Ambassador of the Year” Since being introduce to CKSF through the first ambassador program, a number of us have continued volunteering our services the foundation; even assisting with the latest program for Key Club Ambassadors. 

CKSF Ambassadors came from the following schools in Broward County, Florida




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Nursing Tuition Back Scholarships

March 11, 2013 ·

Nursing Tuition Back Scholarships - Scholarships that benefit nursing schools as much as their students.

The Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation (CKSF) is once again spinning the scholarship world with fresh new thinking about better ways to provide scholarships. Beginning in March of 2013 CKSF is launching the first Tuition Back Scholarship for nursing students. 

Tuition Back Scholarships require no essays and are centered on the core courses all nursing students must take. The scholarship process entails students at participating schools to take a series of online quizzes that correspond to their midterm and final exam for a specific course (March is Anatomy and Physiology).  The quizzes act as an academic review to help prepare for exams with the added benefit of the highest scoring student winning their tuition back for the course. 

Tuition Back Scholarships are as beneficial for the nursing school as it is for the students. For the small sum of $100 per course, nursing schools can provide a scholarship opportunity to every student in their program, including international students. By participating in the Tuition Back Scholarship program, college administrators can answer scholarship complaints with a simple question, “did you participate in the Nursing Tuition Back Scholarship?”  If a student answers that they did not, well, it’s just hard to feel sorry for a student that didn’t try and win their tuition back by taking a quiz that helps them study for exams!

Nursing Tuition Back Scholarships can be found on the Common Knowledge scholarship Foundation Scholarship Calendar at www.cksf.org



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