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Dive on in and Take a Bite out of our NEW Marine Biology Scholarship

September 26, 2013 ·

Less than a week until the new marine biology scholarship starts up. This time around the scholarship is going national. It will only be available to high school students who have checked off being interested in marine biology on their Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation (CKSF) account.

The marine biology scholarship is brought to you by an amazing collaboration between CKSF, the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation (GHOF), the Scuba Crew and Nature Club at Nova Southeastern University (NSU), and the Marine Biology Program at NSU.

The scholarship  becomes available starting October 1st. It is made up of a series of four challenge quizzes and a championship round. Guy Harvey prizes will be given away weekly for the top 25 scorers. A $250 scholarship will be awarded to the winner of the championship round.

Start checking out CKSF’s marine biology database, www.namethatfish.net, to prepare for the scholarship. The cheat sheets and more information about the scholarship are available here to help you study.

We wish you the best of luck and look forward to awarding you with cool Guy Harvey prizes and a scholarship.


What is the BYG Scholarship?

September 24, 2013 ·

The BYG Scholarship offered by the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation (CKSF) offers more than just money for college.  BYG stands for Before You Graduate and helps high school students understand a wide variety of things, important to know, as they get ready to enter the world on their own.

Each month the CKSF BYG scholarship offers an online quiz about a different subject that is helpful to know but not likely to be covered in a classroom or high school textbook. There are a series of quizzes scored on time and accuracy. Scores accumulate month to month until the end of December. The student with the highest score will be awarded a $500 scholarship, which may be used at the postsecondary school of his or her choice.  The high school with the highest combined score will win a national championship trophy. The contest then begins again in January and runs through April.

Monthly topics for the September - December BYG Scholarship: Geography, College Facts, Environment, and Health.

It is so simple; people sometimes don't believe CKSF is legit! 

Tips to winning:

  • Cheat sheet – for each month's quiz there is a cheat sheet available to review before taking the quiz.  If you are serious about winning money for college, invest ten minutes with this document.
  • Persistence – BYG scholarship winners are those that take all four quizzes.  It isn't hard to do, just one each month, each quiz takes less than five minutes to complete.
  • Look up the answers – It is OK to look up the answers.  In the real world, anything you need to know, you can Google and get the answer in a matter of seconds.  Just remember, CKSF quizzes are scored on time and accuracy.  Don't spend a lot of time reading the article, get the answer and come back to the quiz.  You can always go back and be fascinated later!

Good Luck!

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Is CKSF Legit?

September 08, 2013 ·

Answer: Yes, the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation (CKSF) is a real, not for profit 501(c)(3) that is in business for the sole reason to create scholarship and educational programs.
CKSF only creates and administers scholarship when donations or grant funding is secured.  CKSF is not in the business of selling, trading or giving away participant contact information.
Scam?  Students and parents should be skeptical, there are a lot of organizations created specifically to collect student information and then market to them. Fastweb.com no longer promotes their "scholarships."  You will find the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation scholarships released through Fastweb.com.  Do your homework, read privacy policies.
Here is a list of some of the organizations and programs associated with the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation:
BYG (Before You Graduate) Scholarship - A monthly high school quiz scholarship that helps students with information they will need in the world but will likely not get in a high school classroom.
College HELP (Higher Education LIfe Preparation) - A monthly quiz scholarship for college students.  Topics cover things college students need to know about how higher education works such as financial aid, credit hours, bursar, graduation, etc.  It also covers topics important to know as students approach graduation such as: interview and resume tips, income tax, student loan repayment, etc.
Festivus - Festivus is a scholarship name borrowed from the T.V. show Seinfeld. CKSF has scholarships for high school and college students but there is another entire population that participates with the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation.  This group is in the category "Out of School," they are generally parents that want to participate to try and win scholarships for their kids.  So Festivus is a scholarship for the rest of us, those who do not fit into either high school or college categories.
Tuition Back Scholarships - Tuition Back Scholarships are college level scholarships that allow students to compete for scholarship money while they study.  The CKSF quizzes are developed on core courses with the first quiz available just before midterms and the second just before finals.  The high scorer wins their tuition back up to $1,000.  Students that don't win the money, still benefit by reviewing by taking the quiz.
USA-SOS (Safe Online Surfing) - The USA-SOS program was developed in cooperation with the Miami FBI Crimes Against Children Unit under the name FBI-SOS.  This is a free program for elementary and middle school students that helps educate them about internet safety and cyber citizenship.
Bullying Academy - The Bullying Academy is modeled after the USA-SOS program and is for elementary and middle school students to help them learn about bullying and how to prevent and report bullying.
Nova Southeastern University / Fischler School of Education - The Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation was originally developed and is currently administered at NSU in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business - The Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation has been a client of the Wharton School's Management 100 program since 2005.  Each fall since 2005, CKSF has had at least one team of 10 Wharton students implement CKSF programs in the Philadelphia area.
The Miami Dolphins - One of the first scholarships created by CKSF was based on information found on the Miami Dolphins website.  It was from this scholarship we realized we had a way to get students to a source of information and study it.