Cheat Sheet – CKSF Biology Scholarship Quiz 2

Biology TrophyThe sample biology quiz questions below are from the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation’s High School Biology Scholarship, Quiz 2.  The High School Biology Scholarship is a no essay scholarship (multiple choice quiz) that follows a standard AP Biology syllabus found at the College Board website. Each month there is a new online quiz based on what is commonly covered during that month based on the syllabus.  The quizzes are designed to allow students to compete for scholarship money while reviewing for exams.


Organic Compounds

1 Glycoproteins and glycolipids are important for __________.
2 Organic chemistry is currently defined as __________.
3 Choose the pair of terms that correctly completes this sentence: Hydroxyl is to __________ as __________ is to aldehyde.
4 Which of the following is an organism?
5 The gasoline consumed by an automobile is a fossil fuel consisting mostly of __________.
6 Which functional group is most responsible for some organic molecules behaving as bases?
7 Which of these hydrocarbons has a double bond in its carbon skeleton?
8  __________ chemistry is the study of carbon compounds.
9  Carbon has a bonding capacity of __________.
10  Carbon atoms bond with other carbon atoms, forming the carbon __________ of organic compounds.
 11  Hydrocarbons consist of only __________ and _________.
12  What are molecules with the same molecular formula, but different structures and thus different properties called?
13  What are the three types of isomers?
14  What are the specific groups of atoms that covalently bond to carbon skeletons and give the overall molecule distinctive chemical properties?
15  The carbonyl group (>CO) can be either at the end of a carbon skeleton (aldehyde) or within the skeleton (__________).
16  Which of the following is a characteristic of the carboxyl group (—COOH)?
17  Which of the following is a characteristic of the amino group (—NH2)?
18  Which of the following is a characteristic of the sulfhydryl group (—SH)?
19  Which of the following is a characteristic of the phosphate group (H3PO4)?
20  Living matter is composed mostly of what four elements?


Acids, Monomers, Molecular Structure

1 The molecular formula for glucose is C6H12O6. What would be the molecular formula for a polymer made be linking ten glucose molecules together by condensation reactions?
2 Polymers are built from chains of identical or similar __________.
3 Polymeric molecules consist of a monomer joined by __________ bonds.
4 Monomers are joined by __________ or dehydration reactions.
5 What term refers to the covalent bond formed by the condensation reaction between two sugar monomers?


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