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“I wish I could get paid to study!”  What student hasn’t said this at least one time?  And it probably sounds like an unrealistic dream and maybe even too good to be true.  But sometimes dreams do come true.  You can think of the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation as the magician that makes it happen through the High School Biology Challenge.  You CAN get paid to study – or at least win scholarship money for taking online biology quizzes.

Here are the facts about CKSF’s High School Biology Challenge so you can believe it is true:

  1. Each month CKSF offers a 15 question biology quiz.
  2. Each quiz takes less than 5 minutes to complete (it’s only 15 multiple choice questions!)
  3. The quizzes are based on a standard biology syllabus.
  4. Every high school student in the United States is eligible.
  5. You have an entire month to prepare before taking the quiz.
  6. CKSF gives you a cheat sheet so you know exactly what is on the quiz.
  7. Quizzes are scored on time and accuracy.
  8. It is OK to Google the questions and answers while taking the quiz (but the clock is ticking).
  9. You see your score immediately after the quiz and it is nationally ranked within 3 hours.
  10. The person with the most points at the end of the 5th quiz receives the scholarship money.

Here is the Math:

  • There are 5 quizzes.  If you spend 2 hours studying for each quiz that is 10 hours.
  • The award is $250, so the winner will essentially be paid $25 an hour to study.

It’s not hard.  If you already spend 2 hours a month studying – then you have a great chance to win.  And even if you don’t win the scholarship, what have you lost?  The quizzes actually help you prepare for your biology exams not to mention the AP Biology Exam and the SATs!

For complete information including a link to the Biology Challenge Cheat Sheet – CLICK HERE

Good luck!



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