Anti-bullying Cheat Sheet

The following will be covered on the Educators Anti-bullying Scholarship:

1. Bullying differs from teasing because in bullying______.

2. Which category of bullies have poor self-esteem and manipulates others through gossip and name calling?

3. Which category of bullies plans their attacks and seem likeable to everyone but their victims?

4. Which of the following is something that bullies look for in their targets?

5. Which of the following statements is true?

6. During what court case did the Supreme Court rule that segregation of public schools by race violates the Constitution of the United States?

7. 60% of __________ have at least one criminal record by the time they are 24 years-old.

8. Which of the following is the most common misconception about bullying?

9. Which of the following is the National Suicide Prevention Hotline?

10. Tricking people into revealing personal information over the internet is a kind of ___________. 

11. What is one reason that bystanders avoid getting involved in the bullying situation?

12. What is one sign that a child is being bullied at school?

13. What is an important motivation to bully?

14. ________was a factor in 2/3 of the 37 school shootings.

15. Which of the following is a characteristic of a bully?

16. What is a way to stop work place bullying?

17. What are signs of workplace bullying?

18. Which of the following is at a greater risk of suicide?

19. What is the most important thing a parent can do to stop bullying?

20. Which of following is the least effective method that parents can use to stop bullying?

21. An effective technique used in many schools to prevent bullying is________. 

22. Which of the following is true about bullying?

23. What is the first thing a teacher should do when she sees bullying taking place?

24. Bullying is a form of victimization, and addressing it as a "conflict" ______.

25. By ignoring the bullying or choosing to discuss it after a few infractions, _____. 

26. When parents deal with bullies, after recruiting a team of supporters, they should______.

27. The students will take web-based quizzes and review specific _________________. 

28. What topic does the program cover for only 6th to 8th grade students?

29. What topic does the program cover for all students?

30. Students may also be registered in groups of up to ____ by following directions included in your school registration confirmation e-mail.

31. How many points are awarded for each correct answer?

32. How many quizzes do the students take during the entire program?

33. Who may receive cover from local media if possible?

34. Approximately how long should it take for a student to complete the Scavenger Hunt?

35. How are students assigned their username and password?

36. Who should keep a copy of the student’s username and password?