BYG College Facts Cheat Sheet

The following will be covered on the BYG - College Facts Quiz:

Financial Aid- forms, terminology, scholarships, loans
Here are some sample questions:

- __________ is a federal financial aid program where students can get a part-time job at the college they attend in order to pay for college expenses.
- Where can you get a CSS Profile?

You should also know these terms:
FAFSA- What is this? What does the acronym stand for?
Subsidized vs. Unsubsidized Loans- What are they? What is the difference between the two?
CSS Profile- What is this?
Scholarships- How do they differ from grants or other forms of financial aid?

Classes and Registration
- classes, credit hours, matriculation
Here are some sample questions:

- The period of time at the beginning of a term in which you can withdraw from a class and get your money back and/or change classes is known as _________.
- The U.S. Department of Education considers you a full time college student if you are enrolled in at least _________ credits.

You should also know these terms:
General Education Classes- What are they? What are some examples?
Electives- What are they? What are some examples?

General Terminology
Here are some sample questions:

- What is the primary job of the Office of the Bursar?
- What are teacher assistants (TAs)?
- After earning your Bachelor’s degree, you decide to continue school for two more years.
What degree will you most likely earn next?
- What is the minimum number of credit hours one must have to be considered a senior?
- How many grade points does a “B+” equal?
- How many credit hours does a 4-year college usually require before graduation?

You should also know these terms:
Tenure- What is this? Who is eligible for tenure?
Office Hours- What does this term describe?
Provost- What is this person's role at a college or university?
Associate’s Degree- Approximately how many credits are needed?
Bachelor’s Degree- Approximately how many credits are needed?

Practice Your Skills with these Quiz Questions!

Financial Aid

A Federal Pell Grant, unlike a loan, does not have to be repaid. Pell Grants are generally awarded to undergraduate students based on __________.
A: letters of recommendation
B: SAT scores
C: financial need

Which of the following does NOT have to be paid back after college?
A: Federal Perkins Loan
B: Federal Pell Grant
C: Federal Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students
D: Federal Unsubsidized Stafford Loan
E: Federal Subsidized Stafford Loans

Classes and Registration

What is independent study?
A: a college survey used by outside organizations
B: a project done as an internship outside of college
C: a college research study that includes every student
D: a project outside of normal class lectures
E: a project done for class as homework

A class such as Biology I that must be taken before you can take a different class such as Biology II is known as __________.
A: a prerequisite
B: freshman course
C: general education
D: a major requirement
E: a minor requirement

General Terminology

You requested a transcript from your college and they said they cannot fill your request because there is a hold on your account. Why might a “hold” be placed on your student account?
A: you forgot to register for classes
B: you withdrew from a class
C: you did not turn in one of your assignments
D: you failed a class
E: you have unpaid campus parking tickets

In addition to tuition and fees, students and parents must factor in the cost of room and board when calculating college costs. What is “room and board”?
A: transportation and classroom rental
B: school supplies and books
C: lodging, utilities, and food
D: boardrooms and study rooms
E: registration fees

Preparing for College

Which of these will NOT be uploaded on the Common App when you apply for college?
A: SAT/ACT scores
B: FAFSA applications
C: teacher evaluations
D: college supplements
E: college essays

How do you figure out if your college accepts AP credits?
A: Most colleges won’t accept APs, only IB credits.
B: Contact a professor in the field of study.
C: All colleges accept AP credits if you pass the class.
D: Check your college’s website before contacting the school.
E: All colleges accept AP credit if you get a minimum of a 3 on the test.

Please note that these are questions pulled directly from the BYG College Facts quiz. The answer choices will be the same, but probably in a different order.