BYG Health Cheat Sheet

The following will be covered on the BYG - Health Quiz:

Common Diseases
Here are some sample questions:

- In 2009, more than 600,000 Americans died from __________, the leading cause of death in the United States.
- In your eye you have a lens, which is normally clear like a window that has just been cleaned. If that lens gets cloudy, it's called __________.
- Influenza is an infection that causes fever, chills, cough, body aches, headaches, and sometimes earaches or sinus problems. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends the flu vaccine for all people age __________ and older.

You should also know these terms:
Alzheimer’s disease- What is this?
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis- What is this? What is another name for it?
Influenza and the Common Cold- What causes them?

Medical Terminology
Here are some sample questions:

- _________is a general term for looking into the body through a natural orifice such as the nose, mouth, anus, cervix or urethra.
- What is the name of an important hormone that regulates the amount of sugar in your blood?
- If you have a tumor that is of no danger to your health it is said to be _________.
- Approximately what percentage of adults in the United States are considered overweight or obese (body mass index greater than or equal to 25)?

You should also know these terms:
Opthamologist- What do they study?
Podiatrist- What do they study?
Myopia- What is it?
Clavicle- What is another name for this bone?MRI- What kinds of damage do these images show?
Hemorrhoids- What are they? Where are they found?
Thyroid- Where can you find it?

Here are some sample questions:

- The main anabolic steroid hormone produced by your body is __________.
- Most energy drinks contain large amounts of __________, a drug which can provide a temporary energy boost but also insomnia, rapid heartbeat and increased blood pressure.
- Found in many of the most popular acne medications, _________ is effective because it reduces bacteria and helps to eliminate dead skin and oils.
- Adderall and Ritalin are two drugs commonly taken for __________.

You should also know these terms:

Benadryl- What is it? What kinds of symptoms does it treat?
Analgesics- What are they? What do they do?
Anabolic Steroids- What are the side effects of using them?

Anatomy and Physiology
Here are some sample questions:

- Acne is often caused by a type of ________.

You should also know these terms:
Epinephrine- What is it? What is it’s role in the Autonomic Nervous System?
Autonomic Nervous System- What does this control?
Sympathetic Nervous System- What does this control?

Practice Your Skills with these Quiz Questions!


__________ is the leading cause of death in the United States for people under the age of 35.
A: Heart disease
B: Influenza
C: Cancer
D: Motor vehicle accidents
E: Suicide

The best way to prevent catching the common cold is to _________.
A: wear a surgical mask at all times
B: increase the amount of vitamins normally taken
C: wash your hands regularly
D: shower three times each day
E: brush your teeth four times each day

A cold virus can live on objects such as pens, books, telephones, computer keyboards, and coffee cups for __________ and can thus be acquired from contact with these objects.
A: several minutes
B: several hours
C: several days
D: several weeks
E: several months

Halitosis, or bad breath, is commonly caused by bacteria in the mouth from ________.
A: using cheap toothpaste
B: eating candy
C: eating meat
D: eating vegetables
E: not flossing

The glycemic index is a measurement of how fast or slow _________.
A: carbohydrates are stored in the kidneys
B: alcohol is eliminated from the bloodstream
C: glucose from the food we eat enters the bloodstream
D: food moves from the stomach to the colon
E: a person can swim after eating without getting cramps

Another name for using performance-enhancing drugs is __________.
A: "snorting"
B: "doping"
C: "speeding"
D: "stupid"

Which of the following is considered the best thing you can do to help you perform well on an exam?
A: three cans of Monster
B: coffee and an aspirin
C: one can of Red Bull
D: getting 8 hours of sleep

Please note that these are questions pulled directly from the BYG Health quiz. The answer choices will be the same, but probably in a different order.