BYG Sports Cheat Sheet

The following will be covered on the BYG - Sports Quiz:

Olympics - history, notable athletes, events
Here are some sample questions:

- What do the rings on the Olympic flag represent?
- The last Olympic gold medals that were made entirely out of gold were awarded in 1912. Today, they are mostly made of __________.
- When was the last time the summer and winter Olympics were held during the same year?
- In what year did women first compete in the Olympic games?
- How often do the Winter Olympic Games take place?
- Which U.S. president lead the protest against the 1980 Olympics following the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan?

You should also know about these terms, locations, and athletes:
IOC- What does this stand for? Who are they?
The Olympic Flag- What does it symbolize?
Olympia- What part of the Olympic ceremony occurs here?
Olga Korbut- What sport/event did she participate? Did she set any records?
Nadia Comaneci- What sport/event did she participate?Which year?
Mary Lou Retton-What sport/event did she participate? Which year?
Nastia Liukin- What year of the Olympic games did she participate in?

Sports Around the World- common sports from all around the world
Here are some sample questions:

- What is it called when a player scores three goals in a single hockey game?
- Based in Zurich, FIFA is the governing body of international __________.
- "Let," "love," and "lob" are all terms used when playing __________.

You should also know about these sports and their terms:
Shuttlecock- What sport is this used in?
Curling- Are there any similar games?
Hockey- How is scoring determined?
Golf- What are some common scoring terms?
Tennis- What are some common scoring terms?

Popular U.S. Sports- You may find the following website both helpful and interesting!

Here are some sample questions:
- MMA originates from which full contact, Brazilian sport?
- The nicknames,  "The Sultan of Swat" and "The Bambino" bring to mind which late American athlete?
- Who was the first female to play and score in an NCAA Division I football game?
- In what year did the Miami Dolphins have the first, and only, perfect undefeated season in NFL history- including the NFL Championship/Super Bowl?

You should also know about these:
AFC- What does this stand for?
UFC- What kinds of competitions does this group host?
Title IX- What does this mean, particularly for female athletes?
Names, Colors, and Mascots - popular U.S. sports team colors and mascots

You may find the following website both helpful and interesting!

Here are some sample questions:
The fun and friendly Mr. Met, calls which U.S. sports team his home?
- Which U.S. baseball team has not one, but five mascots?
- Sourdough Sam, “a hearty gold-panner,” is the mascot of with west coast football team?
- The New York Yankees are one of only a few baseball teams that have only two official colors. What are the Yankees’ colors?

Practice Your Skills with these Quiz Questions!


Pierre de Coubertin, considered the founder of the modern Olympics, organized the first modern Olympics in Athens in __________.
A: 1900
B: 1896
C: 1800
D: 1776

In the 1976 Olympic Games, which Romanian gymnast won five Olympic medals and became the first ever to earn perfect tens in her sport?
A: Nastia Liukin
B: Mary Lou Retton
C: Nadia Comaneci
D: Olga Korbut

Sports Around the World

Which would you rather have if you were playing golf?
A: par
B: bogey
C: birdie
D: eagle

Which of the following websites would you visit if you wanted to learn more about swimming?

Popular U.S. Sports

Who was the first African-American to win a Grand Slam title?
A: Althea Gibson
B: Lindsay Davenport
C: Serena Williams
D: Chris Evert

Who was both the youngest and oldest person to become a ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals) World Champion, first at 20 years of age and again at 39?
A: Bethany Hamilton
B: Kelly Slater
C: Andy Irons
D: Alana Blanchard

Names, Colors, and Mascots

Yellow, Green, and White are the colors of which northern U.S. football team?
A: Minnesota Vikings
B: Detroit Lions
C: Green Bay Packers
D: Chicago Bears

Since 2000, the NFL’s Kickoff Colors have been shades of red, blue, and white. Prior to then, which of the following colors were NOT used by the NFL?
A: green
B: purple
C: yellow
D: grey

Please note that these are questions pulled directly from the BYG Sports quiz. The answer choices will be the same, but probably in a different order.