BYG Environment Cheat Sheet


The following will be covered on the BYG - Environment Quiz:



Definition and examples of renewable energy sources
Definition and examples of fossil fuels
Mission of the Department of Energy
Percentage of Earth’s water that is fresh
Number of people without access to clean water
Environmental issues threatening our oceans
Climate Change
Causes of global warming/climate change
Greenhouse gases – what are they, what do they do, who and what produces the most?
Impact of climate change/global warming – mortality rates, natural disasters, water
“Going Green”
Energy use in typical American household
Energy efficient practices (i.e. light bulbs, laundry, travel)
What and when is Earth Day?
Community Supported Agriculture definition
“Dirty Dozen” foods with the highest pesticide residue

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Sample Questions:
Which renewable energy source provides the most energy to the U.S. today?
A.) solar
B.) geothermal
C.) hydropower
D.) wind
E.) wood

Which of the following takes the most amount of water to produce?
A.) a pound of cotton
B.) a gallon of gasoline
C.) a gallon of coffee
D.) a dozen eggs
E.) a pound of ground beef

About what percent of ocean pollution comes from land?
A.) 10%
B.) 25%
C.) 50%
D.) 80%
E.) 100%

Which country produces the most greenhouse gases?
A.) United States
B.) China
C.) India
D.) United Kingdom
E.) Canada

What uses the most energy in a typical American household?
A.) heating rooms
B.) heating water
C.) lighting
D.) electronics
E.) refrigeration