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Each month the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation (CKSF) website has over 60,000 unique visitors. The vast majority of the visitors are highly motivated 16-25 year old college and college bound students (and their parents) that spend an average of six (6) minutes on the site.

The Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation is a not for profit 501(c)(3) that provides unique scholarship opportunities through the use of online quizzes instead of essays and forms giving all students a real chance to earn money for college. Since 2001, more than one million students have registered with CKSF allowing us to award over $350,000 to nearly 900 students. Our scholarships are primarily funded by one small grant along with individual and corporate donors.

Our interest in increased advertising/sponsorship on our site is to help expand the number scholarships we award and students we serve.

We are careful to partner only with organizations that have the best interest of college students in mind. CKSF sponsors will have their name prominently displayed throughout the CKSF site as indicated below. Please see the information below for demographics and ad placement.


Age 16-25 years old
Gender 75% Female   25% Male
Unique Visitors Per Month 60,000
Page Views Per Month 1.3 Million
Return Visitors Per Month 45%
Average Time On Site 6 minutes


Website Ad Placements

Registration page.
20,000 page views per month
CKSF Registration

My Scholarship page.
73,000 page views per month
My Scholarships Page

Take quiz page.
200,000 page views per month
Take Quiz

Results page.
60,000 page views per month
CKSF Results

Contact Us

Please contact us at 954-262-8553 or to further discuss a CKSF partnership.