Aikido of South Florida Scholarship Winners

Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation and Aikido of South Florida team up and Reward Students with Scholarships

Fort Lauderdale, FL -The Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation (CKSF) and Aikido of South Florida (ASF) recently teamed up to reward the latest winners of the organizations' Aikido of South Florida Scholarship. Jenny Poon of the School for Advanced Studies in Kendall and Nicholas D'Agostino of Pembroke Pines Charter High School each won a $250 scholarship, provided by ASF, and a Jr. Scholarship of 50% discount towards tuition at ASF for the next three months for demonstrating their knowledge of the principles, applications, rewards, and benefits of Aikido. The Jr. Scholarship will be sponsored by CKSF for the next three months and an additional three months if the students maintain a 3.5 GPA.

During the month of March, high school students in Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties were eligible to participate in the internet-based quiz scholarship based on their knowledge of Aikido, a non-competitive martial art that redirects the momentum of your opponent in order to neutralize the attack, regardless of the size of the assailant. In general, they discovered that the essence of Aikido is the unbalancing of your partner, which is achieved through the precise use of leverage, inertia, gravity, centrifugal and centripetal forces, which ultimately defuses and counters the energy of an attack. The techniques themselves are not dependent on?strength or agility in?order to be effective, which makes this art conducive for men, women and children of all ages.

An impressive 580 high school students applied and took the challenge. Initially the students were directed to review the website to familiarize themselves with the information provided. After reviewing the aikido website, students were then asked a series of questions which were then judged on the combination of time and accuracy. Like winners Poon and D'Agostino, the ten highest scoring participants were afforded Jr. Scholarships at ASF, paid for by CKSF for the next three months with an additional three months sponsored in part if they maintain a 3.5 GPA.

The Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation (CKSF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization administered at Nova Southeastern University's Fischler School of Education. Now in its 13th year, CKSF continues to create and deliver innovative scholarship and educational programs for students of all ages through the use of internet-based quiz competitions and has awarded over $350,000 in scholarships to date.