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The Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation will award a $250 scholarship to high school and college students in a contest that is based on what they know about the Book of Genesis 

Davie, Florida – The Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation (CKSF), an organization that recognizes students with well-rounded and practical knowledge, will award the Bible Scholarship of $250 to the winner of a quiz contest.  Based specifically on the book of Genesis, the scholarship will be available to beginning on April 1, 2013 to all U.S. high school and college students.

Unlike other scholarships, CKSF does not require essay, instead students take online quizzes and the winner is determined by time and accuracy. Each quiz will have fifteen questions that will take approximately four minutes to complete. All participants must register with CKSF and the results are made available immediately.

“This is the most requested scholarship we have ever created,” said CKSF President, Daryl Hulce. “Students can prepare by reading the Bible but the quizzes are quick, 15 multiple choice questions will take less than 4 minutes to complete.”

The Bible scholarship is just one of many CKSF scholarships currently available to high school and college students. Since the first scholarship in 2000, CKSF has developed a wide variety of scholarship and academic enrichment programs for students of all ages. To date, CKSF has awarded over $350,000, resulting in more than 800 scholarships to students. Today, CKSF administers several new contests each month and is growing at a rate of approximately 600 new students per day.

The book of Genesis is the first in a series of Bible scholarships that will be available through CKSF.  Interested students should visit and register to see all of the scholarship opportunities currently available.

For specific information regarding the Bible Scholarship visit: