Bluemint Swimwear by Paola Duque Now Sponsors the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation

January 13, 2014, Davie, FL- Bluemint Swimwear, located in Coral Springs, FL, has joined The Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation as a sponsor for the organization’s scholarships’ internet safety and anti-bullying programs. Paola Duque, Bluemint Swimwear’s designer and owner, is very enthusiastic to be a part of CKSF as she starts this new year to giving back to the community as her business continues to prosper.

Regardless of being located in a tight, small space, Bluemint Swimwear conveys a big concept and displays embellishing character from both its merchandise and owner. Paola Duque herself treated the CKSF to interact directly with the store, try things on, and be a part of her accomplishments. The CKSF staff in turn feels inspired by such great artisan work native to Colombian and Brazilian culture. Paola Duque worked in the designing industry for six years in Colombia making artisanal articles, ranging from horse saddles to clothes and belts. Despite the higher cost, Duque imports higher quality thread from Brazil, Italy, and Colombia, to assure that her clothing fits every body type perfectly. “My mission is for girls to leave this store feeling more confidents and beautiful than ever,” says Duque.

Within just three weeks of operation, CKSF’s Bridget Guerrero was able to forge a partnership with Duque, who was just waiting for an opportunity to get involved with the community. Her goal is to provide luxury items and hopes to continue growing her business as she helps students receive scholarships.

If interested in consulting Duque for her artisan products, email her at or visit for more details.