Cake, Desserts, and Beyond Now Sponsors the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation

February 12, 2014, Davie, FL- Cake, Desserts, and Beyond, located in Pembroke Pines, Fl, has joined the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation as a sponsor for the Festivus scholarship. This scholarship is open to everyone who is out of school planning to enroll in a college or university soon or parents who would like to earn scholarships for their children. The quiz centers on common knowledge for a wide variety of subjects and provides a cheat sheet for prior study. Hector Llorens, the owner of Cakes, Desserts, and Beyond, is very eager to be a part of CKSF as he gives back to his community and promotes his love for education while his business continues to prosper.

Cakes, Desserts, and Beyond, left the CKSF staff in awe. Hector Llorens treated them to the whole experience of visiting their store. The staff, having the privilege of tasting their delectable cake flavors, and being in the presence of a family ambiance, was left yearning for another visit. Hector started baking cakes as he likes to put it “for giggles.” He did not expect to find such a natural talent when making a cake for his brother as a prank. Since that moment on, he fell in love with the art of baking and has been doing so for six years. He received enlightenment through watching TLC’s hit TV series “Cake Boss” as well as his art background. “No idea is too big or small to create,” says Hector, especially when it comes to education.

Anyone can see his previous creations and came out assured that no idea really is too big or small, for he can make just about anything imaginable or how he put it “this is a place where your imagination can become a reality.”

CKSF’s marketer Bridget Guerrero was able to forge a partnership with Hector, who was just waiting for an opportunity to involve himself in the community and education. “The enthusiasm that Hector felt over the scholarships and CKSF as a whole really left me mesmerized and thrilled to work with him,” says Bridget. Hector himself has over three degrees for a variety of subjects that has caused him to have a serious attitude when incomes to supporting education. The Festivus scholarship, centered on common facts was perfect for his sponsorship. He really believed in the value of education beyond the classroom. When asked, what he would want kids to know about your involvement with CKSF, he responded “working hard regardless of the struggle with education and its monetary lashes, because at the end of the day it’s worth it.” This was all after his first witty response “right now the only thing on my mind is cake.”

Hector Llorens provides his customers with “a little piece of heaven” every time they walk into Cakes, Desserts, and Beyond, and plans to award the local winner of the Festivus scholarship not only with his support toward the scholarship money, but also a cake and an experience that they will never forget. For that reason, don’t miss out on the opportunity to take the Festivus quiz by logging on to and registering. If interested in a family environment and show stopping desserts, consult Hector Llorens at (954)-442-8747 or visit