The Sweet Chocolate

April 02, 2014 · By Arezoo Kavehzadeh ·

Here at The Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation, we constantly look for new and exciting scholarships that are educational and interesting at the same time. When searching our brains for a topic that would fit all these qualifications, the magical ingredient, CHOCOLATE, came to mind. It is the delightful treat that most people enjoy and there’s a great deal of science and technicalities behind it. So, it was decided. We were going to have a “Chocolate Scholarship” and someone was going to win $250 for knowing his/her chocolate. 

Unfortunately, none of us had any idea about the science behind chocolate or the technical aspect of the chocolate making process. So we went to our local chocolate shop, Schakolad, in Davie Fl, and asked for help. The owner, Mr. Bautista, was nice enough to dedicate a whole afternoon to teaching the staff of CKSF about the history of chocolate, the chocolate making process, different kinds of chocolate, and of course we got to sample the delicious variety of the chocolates in the store.  

After our educational session at the Schakolad, the team began working on questions and other preoperational steps. But this scholarship was different from the other scholarships that we had done before, or even any scholarship that we had seen before. Since the love for chocolate knows no age, gender or education, why should a scholarship about chocolate? So we decided to open this scholarship to everyone, so every chocolate enthusiast has the opportunity to show his/her love and appreciation for this sweet companion and win scholarship money.

We took care of everything, the information, the scholarship and the prize, so the only thing left for you to do is to read the information provided about chocolate (click on this link and this one) and take the scholarship quiz starting April 6th and win the $250 ( but don’t spend it all on chocolate!)

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The Sweet Age of Chocolate

April 01, 2014 · By Arezoo Kavehzadeh ·



By Lladeris Roderiguez

Close your eyes and picture yourself walking into your local supermarket. When you walk into the candy isle you start to sweat bullets, your knees shake like a level ten earthquake, and the red mounds on your face start to appear like woman at a 50 percent off shoe sale. The tag on the chocolate selection suddenly says 21 and younger. This is not how you wanted to spend your 30th birthday! And then you wake up from this horrible nightmare.

The staff at the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation has taken it upon themselves the task to bring chocolate equality for all ages. For this reason, we have made the much anticipated chocolate scholarship available to all. Not only is this scholarship available to high school and college students who want to earn financial aid, but also to people out of school that are planning on going back or wish to help out their children’s financial struggles. Why did CKSF feel the need to make this scholarship as open to everyone?

Clearly, because we feel that chocolate is an omnipotent substance. It makes children smile, initiates the language of love, and makes people of all ages, cultures, and genders happy. And here at CKSF, we want people to be happy and be able to pay for their college education. If everyone loves chocolate, than everyone should be eligible to take this scholarship quiz and possibly earn a $250 scholarship.

Therefore, do not hesitate any longer! Log on to now and register for an account. Show chocolate that you care. 


The Sweet Scholarship

March 29, 2014 · By Arezoo Kavehzadeh ·

There is a world of possibilities when a student searches for “unusual scholarships.” You can find scholarships for tall people, for being part of the Asparagus Club, or for making a prom dress out of duck tape. The possibilities are endless.

However, one favorite ingredient seems to be missing from the recipe of unusual scholarship: chocolate.

Have you ever heard of a scholarship based on chocolate? No? Luckily for you, this unique scholarship actually exists.

Almost everyone would agree that they enjoy indulging in taste of chocolate after a long hard day at work or school or even at home.

For that reason, the staff at the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation has decided to make this particular scholarship available for every chocolate lover, whether they’re in high school, college, or even out of school.

The purpose of this scholarship is to educate on the science and technology behind the little piece of art we call chocolate. All you have to do is take a short, less than five minute quiz that will be scored on time and accuracy. If you learn enough about chocolate that you have the highest scoring quiz, you will win a $250 scholarship! It’s really that simple, and fun!

This is an exceptional scholarship that anyone could win. You don’t have to be too tall or too short or like asparagus! To win this scholarship all you have to do is study the CKSF web page “cheat sheet” and learn all about the journey of chocolate to perform well on the quiz, from when it’s a seed on the trunk of a  tree, to when it becomes a piece of happiness in your mouth.

Take action now and don’t let this unique scholarship go to waste! Log on to to register for an account and ignite your internal chocolatier.


The Sweet Field Trip

March 25, 2014 · By Arezoo Kavehzadeh ·


Friday, January 17th was one of the rare days of the year, when the weather in Florida was cool and breezy. It was a perfect day for an office field trip, so we, the CKSF staff, got into our cars and drove to Schakolad, a local chocolate shop. As we walked in, we were greeted with hot chocolate and it was truly the best that we had ever tasted.

After the sweet indulgence we all listened carefully to lean all about the science and history behind this little treat. The owner, Mr. Bautista, was very nice and he let us taste and sample the variety of chocolates that they had at the shop and then he let us drink a  piece of heaven when he poured us his specialty hot chocolate.

there, the 8 of us sat on the couches and around the tables to listen carefully as he described how the chocolate went from being held by the royalty to the hands of the common people and as well as the transformation from the liquid form to a solid bar. The staff even tasted the different kinds of chocolate that they use as their starting ingredients: the 70% dark chocolate, the milk chocolate, and the not so delightful 100% dark chocolate. [may be add Bridget’s picture here!!

After listening to Mr. Baustista and learning about the journey of chocolate, we were all excited to start running the scholarship. From writing questions, to writing the newsletter and the cheat sheet, each of us has a part in this scholarship and we can’t wait to share this sweet knowledge with you!


Think Green: Where Your Trash Goes Scholarship

March 18, 2014 · By Lladeris · you ever wondered where your trash goes? The staff at the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation wanted to know, and thanks to Belen Perez, environmental sciences major and Jennifer Coley, a marine biology major, our fellow CKSF employees, we not only figured it out, but found a way to share it with others. For this reason, CKSF developed the Think Green: Where Your Trash Goes Scholarship that is based on the recycling initiatives made by Waste Management Inc, the largest environmental solutions provider in North America.

 "It’s an amazing feeling being able to create a scholarship that is meant to educate people and the importance of sustainability and recycling. With the educational material taken from Waste Management's website, I hope that individuals will enjoy studying for the quizzes as well as the opportunity to learn something new,” says Belen as she talks about her experience coordinating this scholarship.

The Where Your Trash Goes scholarship uses the educational material found on the Waste Management website, and has been made available to all high school, college, and out of school individuals for free without an essay or GPA requirement. This web-based quiz competition scholarship takes less than 5 minutes to complete by simply logging in to and registering for an account. The first place winner, which will be determined by the highest quiz score measured by time and accuracy, will earn a $250 scholarship to the college or university of his or her choosing.

There are two 15-question quizzes in the challenge round followed by a championship round to the individuals that score in the top 25%.

In a lifetime, the average American will throw away 600 times his or her adult weight in garbage – leaving a legacy of 90,000 pounds of trash for his or her children and if that wasn’t enough Americans throw away enough office paper annually to build a wall 12 feet high, stretching from Los Angeles to New York City. Sustainability, recycling, and bioremediation, are key elements to the continuing function of our landfills.

The time to be informed is now! All it takes is a desire to make our earth a better place to live – today and for future generations – plus a commitment from each of us who feels a responsibility to our shared environment. So log onto and take the quiz. It’s the first step in making a difference and possibly earning scholarship money at the same time.

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The Sweet Companion

March 18, 2014 · By Arezoo Kavehzadeh ·

After a long hard day of studying and working, no student or parent wants to sit down and write an essay on the journey that is life! Instead they would rather indulge in a piece of chocolate or a cup of hot cocoa. These relaxation habits were our inspiration for this new scholarship, cleverly titled “The Chocolate Scholarship”.

We, the staff at CKSF, took inspiration for this scholarship from our other STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) projects to combine the activity (in this case eating chocolate) with a fun education about the technical and scientific details behind chocolate. You will learn the chocolatier’s vocabulary, the chemistry of the chocolate, the health effects of eating chocolate and so much more.

To gain this knowledge, all you have to do is visit our webpage and cheat sheet where you will learn about the magic behind the chocolate that you so casually eat every day. Did you know that chocolate is a seed that grows on the trunk of a tree? It has organic molecules and it takes physics to change it from a liquid in a solid chocolate bar. After learning all about the fun scientific background of chocolate, you take a quiz on the information you learned, you can even refer back to the cheat sheet and webpage during the quiz. If you know the chocolate facts better than anyone else and get the highest score, you win! Winning this scholarship not only comes with bragging rights but you will also get a $250 scholarship to pay for your own or your child’s tuition! How great is that? (Very great!)

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The Bible Scholarship is Sponsored by the Long Time Donor and Supporter Daryl Hulce.

February 18, 2014 · By Lladeris ·

Daryl Hulce, president for the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation, is sponsoring The Bible Scholarship for the Month of February!

The Bible is without a doubt a book that holds fascination for its mystery and long term recognition. People of all backgrounds know at least one bible story and recognize its value to project lessons and morals that can benefit all.

Agreeing with the immense value of the Bible and its power over people of many cultures and religions, Daryl saw it fit to make it into a scholarship. As a result, over time it has yielded to one of the highest registration and participation rates out of the wide variety of scholarships CKSF has ever offered.

Noticing that the scholarship hadn’t been run in a while, I asked Daryl if it would be alright if I coordinated it to run this year again. I’m a bible enthusiast and I was looking forward to being in charge of my first scholarship here at CKSF.

Daryl, being kind-hearted as usual agreed. Not only did he agree, but he also donated $275 for the first of four months in this series of Bible scholarships. This was his effort to get the scholarship started and now challenges three other organizations to step up and help sponsor the next three Bible challenges that will be based off of Exodus, Ruth, and Job.  I’m personally very grateful for his help in everything with this scholarship, considering I’m a coordinating newbie.

Daryl always seems to want to help all the humans he can in any way possible. Here at CKSF, the staff is very happy to be able to collaborate with such a talented man in many subject areas. Thanks to his generous donation, a student will get the chance to win a $250 scholarship for the Genesis Challenge that is now going available to everyone.

It’s not too late to participate for this month! For all students interested, register with and register to become a part in our Bible Scholarship.



Watch Out for CKSF’s Midway Genesis Challenge All-star!

February 18, 2014 · By Lladeris ·

Finding scholarships is stressful and can be a big cause of pressure, especially for senior students in high schools.

However, this doesn’t seem ebb the motivation of the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation’s Bible Scholarship: Genesis Challenge, all-star Lyssa P. Kukuhara! The scholarship is not half-way in and Lyssa has managed to show outstanding knowledge of the book of Genesis. So far, she is the first runner up with an overall score of 12,830 points within the first two rounds!

Lyssa, a senior high school student in Washington is a motivation for all students out there still fighting in the Genesis challenge.

Students remember that this challenge has just reached its halfway point; it’s not over yet! You are still on time to log on to to register for an account and take the quiz! Hurry up now before it’s too late and continue fighting until the finish line! We wish Lyssa the best for the remainder of the scholarship, as we do with all other students.

The top 25% scorers from this challenge round will get to advance to the championship round to take a final quiz! Make sure to freshen up and prepare for the last challenge!

For already registered students remember to go to and click on results to find out where you stand!

Thank-you all for participating, good-luck!


Nursing Tuition Back Scholarship

January 31, 2014 · By Lladeris ·

In a nutshell, the Nursing Tuition Back Scholarship, provided by The Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation (CKSF), awards students with scholarship money to pay their tuition while studying for their nursing exams. Who wouldn’t want to simultaneously get A’s and earn money? There are four scholarships, one for each of the following courses, Pharmacology, Introduction to Nursing, Pathophysiology, and Anatomy & Physiology. Students have the chance to win up to $1,000 for each course, and ultimately $4,000! Any nursing can participate and take this online quiz based scholarship. The answers to all the quiz questions can be found in any general nursing textbook for the corresponding course. The way to win is to answer accurately and in a short amount of time.

Writing a long essay can be time consuming and long applications can be tiresome. With CKSF, all you need is to register today at and study for your nursing class, take our quiz and win money back. It’s that easy!


The Old Testament: An All Time Classic for Generations to Come

January 30, 2014 · By Lladeris ·

As the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation's writer, I am thrilled to announce a Bible Scholarship! Why? Think about it this way, every car has a manual. Each car’s manual differs from that of another car. It’d be unwise to use the manual for a Toyota car to find orientation on the makings of a Honda because each manufacturer knows its car best. Why am I using this comparison?

As a strong believer of the Bible, I feel as though it is a manual put for all humans under their creator who knows us best. It is a very particular classic that never grows out of style and keep its prominent place among all cultures and societies. The stories have been passed down as fables, lessons, and examples for everyday life whether you’re a Christian or not. The Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation has run a Bible Scholarship many times in the past. Being jealous for being the only employee not directing a scholarship, I decided to dive into The Bible Scholarship myself!

Many people of all different backgrounds are passionate about the Bible which explains why it usually yields one of the highest participations rates among all the other scholarships that CKSF coordinates. The Bible Scholarship this year will be based on four different books of the Old Testament, one for each of four months that will begin in February with the book of Genesis. The following months will challenge Exodus, Ruth, and Job. This scholarship is open to all high school and college students as well as parents who’d like to earn scholarship money for their kids.

This web-based Bible Scholarship is set up like all other CKSF scholarships where there are two challenge rounds followed by a championship round for the top 25% of scorers. Each of the three rounds contains 15 questions. Contrary to most CKSF cheat sheets that contain links to online sources for which the questions were derived, the only source to read for this scholarship is the Bible itself. The winner will receive a $250 scholarship to the University of their choosing.

The great thing about CKSF is that no essays or GPA requirements are needed to participate. Plus, there is a wide spectrum of scholarship subjects to test common knowledge for any type of student. The Bible scholarship is one I feel can make a difference as it provides an incentive and motivation for students to read it. Reading the Bible can help numerous aspects of everyday life and, for that reason, I truly hope that it is as enjoyable to take as it was for me to put together.

Therefore do not hesitate any longer and register with today to get started on your financial help needs with a unique, passion-filled scholarship!