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Nursing Student First To Win Tuition Back Scholarship

Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation Aims to Make College Free

Ft Lauderdale, FL. May 6, 2013 - The Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation (CKSF) has awarded the first Nursing Tuition Back Scholarship to Mariah Ball, a junior at Eastern Kentucky University. Miss Ball outscored over 4,500 nursing students to win a $250 scholarship by taking a series of online quizzes based on her anatomy and physiology course.

Tuition-Back Scholarships provide students the chance to win back tuition one course at a time without having to fill out forms or write essays that take time away from studying. This revolutionary scholarship concept rewards college students that study hard and master their course content. "I really like the quiz format compared to essays. I feel like sometimes people who are very deserving of scholarships miss out because they have difficulty with writing essays or putting their thoughts on paper, said Ms. Ball after learning she had won her tuition back. "The quiz format is a great way to reward students for their knowledge, not based on how well they write on paper."

During the months of March and April more than 4,500 nursing students nationwide registered with the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation to participate in the Nursing Tuition Back Scholarship. To win, students first participated in the Challenge Round; three quizzes covering the core concepts of an anatomy and physiology course. Scoring was based on time and accuracy for each question.  At the end of the challenge round, the top 25% of scorers advanced to take one last quiz in the Championship Round and the chance to win their tuition back.

"We want to reward students that really put in the time to learn the course material," said Daryl Hulce, CKSF founder and president. "Our goal is to keep adding courses to this program until it is possible for a student to go to school for free."

While all nursing students were eligible to compete for the scholarship's base award of $250, only students attending schools enrolled in the Tuition Back Scholarship program were qualified to win back their full tuition. Colleges pay a $100 per course enrollment fee to become a "Tuition Back Scholarship School." The fee makes all undergraduate nursing students at their school eligible to participate and win up to $1,000 of their tuition back while they study.

CKSF has included additional nursing courses for the coming 2013-2014 academic year.  School administrators interested in providing the Tuition Back Scholarship opportunity to their students should contact CKSF before August to be included.

About Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation

Developed and administered at Nova Southeastern University's Fischler School of Education, the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation (CKSF) creates unique opportunities for students of all ages by awarding scholarships and prizes through the use of internet-based quiz competitions.  Students who answer the greatest number of questions correctly in the shortest amount of time are declared contest winners.  Since 2001, CKSF has awarded over $350,000 to 800 participants in the United States. CKSF scholarships can be used at the school of the winners' choice.  For more information on CKSF, please visit