Being a Team Leader

About Being Your School's Team Leader

The primary role of a CKSF Team Leader is to increase awareness of CKSF programs and build a team of participating students at your school.  CKSF Team Leaders fully understand CKSF's methodology and are able to explain such things as registering and quiz scoring to classmates, teachers, and school administrators.  The more students a team leader can get to participate, the more likely it is his or her school and team will become CKSF National Champions!

All students from your school automatically become part of your school's team once they register with CKSF.  For each quiz, the top 20 scores from your school are added together to make up your school's team score.  No individual score can possibly hurt your team score.

*There is no limit to the number of students you can have on your team. 

How to Become a Team Leader

If you are interested in becoming your school's CKSF team leader, email us at Make the subject "Team Leader Request." 

Include in the email:

  • Your Name
  • Your School Information
  • Your Grade
  • If you are currently registered with CKSF
  • If you are registered with us, approximately how many quizzes have you participated in?
  • In three short sentences, tell us how you would go about building a team at your school and how you would get your classmates to participate.

Benefits of Being a Successful Team Leader

Successful team leaders develop a team of at least 20 participating students and promote the program to appropriate teachers and school administrators. During the course of a scholarship competition they actively recognize their school's high scoring students and encourage all students to participate. 

  • Demonstration of leadership for college application
  • CKSF Letter of Commendation
  • A Certificate of Recognition

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