CKSF Team Leaders

About Being Your School's Team Leader

As a CKSF Team Leader, your primary role is to build a team of participating students at your school. The more students at your school that participate, the more likely it is that your team will become CKSF National Champions!

*There is no limit to the number of students you can have on your team.

All students from your school automatically become part of your team during the CKSF registration process. For each quiz, the top scores from your school are added together to make up your school's team score.  

*No individual score can possibly hurt your team score.

To  be a team leader you must...

  • Actively participate in at least 1 quiz (so you know what you are talking about)
  • Help students with the registration process, finding the quizzes, and locating individual and team scores  
  • Participate (bi-weekly) in a Team Leader forum with students from around the country
  • Identify one subject area teacher at your school whith whom we can provide CKSF information

Successful team leaders develop a team of 5 or more participating students and promote the program to appropriate teachers and school administrators. During the course of a scholarship competition they actively recognize their school's high scoring students and encourage all students to participate.

Benefits of Being a Successful Team Leader

  • You are part of a small and elite team of students from across the country tied together by CKSF
  • Build a team atmosphere and motivate students to win a National Championship at your school
  • Demonstration of leadership for college applications
  • CKSF Letter of Commendation
  • A Certificate of successful participation
  • Recommend your successessor as Team Leader for your school

*CKSF will provide Team Leaders with scholarship flyers and will be in contact with the teacher you identify at your school

Participation Goals:

  • Team leaders with at least 10 participating team members will receive a letter of commendation from CKSF
  • Team leaders with at least 20 students participating will receive a CKSF T-shirt
  • Team leaders that win a National Championship in any CKSF scholarship program will receive a certificate along with your school's National Championship trophy 

How to Become a Team Leader

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