Pizza Math Contest


About the Scholarship

Pizza Math is an educational program for elementary and middle school students based on math topics they have learned in class. To make the contest appeal to the age range of 7-13, the questions all pertain to pizza and as a reward, free or reduced priced pizzas are given out.


Elementary and Middle Schools can contact us for more information


Free or reduced priced pizzas

*varies based on location

How it Works

Teachers or program coordinators must contact CKSF administration in order to receive usernames and passwords for their students. The students will then log on to the CKSF website, using those usernames and passwords, and take the quiz. The results will immediately be displayed and the highest scoring person will receive the said prize.

Quiz Dates


Quiz Details 

To participate, you must register with the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation at For all CKSF scholarship quizzes, 500 points are awarded for each correct answer and one point is deducted for each second taken to complete a question. Results are available immediately to each participant under the "Results" tab at