CKSF Science Challenge

About the Scholarship

The CKSF Science Challenge is a scholarship competition that is by invitation only. CKSF is inviting 50 schools based on their previous scholarship participation. Participants will be quizzed on physics, chemistry, calculus, anatomy, biology, physiology, environmental science, and psychology.


Invited high school students only

Participating School(s)

Columbia High School
Fairhope High School

University High School

Canyon Crest Academy
Dominguez High School
Oxford Academy

Allen D. Nease High School
Boyd Anderson High School
Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart
College Academy At Broward College
Coral Gables Senior High School
Coral Reef High School
Cypress Creek High School
Deland High School
Deerfield Beach High School
Eastside High School
Hollywood Hills High School
John A. Ferguson Senior High School
Melbourne High School
Miami Beach Senior High School
Miramar High School
North Miami Senior High School
Palm Harbor University High School
Paxon School for Advanced Studies
Pembroke Pines Charter High School
Plantation High School
Riverview High School
South Dade Senior High School
Spruce Creek High School
Stanton College Preparatory School
Strawberry Crest High School
Suncoast Community High School
Winter Park High School

Gwinnett School of Mathematics Science and Technology

Curie Metropolitan High School
Lincoln Park High School
Richwoods High School
Taft High School
Thomas Kelly High School

Camden Hills Regional High School
Casco Bay High School
Falmouth High School
Greely High School
Kennebunk High School
Scarborough High School
Yarmouth High School

International Academy
Iron Mountain High School

New Jersey
High Technology High School

New York
New Rochelle High School

Central High School
Mercyhurst Preparatory School
Preparatory Charter High School
Saint Hubert Catholic High School for Girls
Saint Joseph's Preparatory School
Scranton Preparatory School

Rhode Island
East Providence High School

Hallettsville High School
School for the Talented and Gifted

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology
George Mason High School


Alternate School(s)




$500 scholarship - highest scoring participant
Plaque - highest scoring school

How it Works

Participants must register with CKSF to take the scholarship quizzes. Invited school will be eligible to have all of their students participate in the CKSF Science Challenge Qualifying Round. The top five(5) scoring students from each school will then advance to the CKSF Science Challenge. There are three quizzes during the month of March.  The  participants scores at each school are added together to determine the team score. Scores from each quiz are added together for each participant and the top scoring participant receives a $500 scholarship. The highest scoring school will receive a national championship plaque. 

Quiz Dates

Science Challenge Qualifying Round: 03/02/2013 - 03/07/2013
The top 5 students from each school will advance

Quiz 1: 03/11/2013 - 03/15/2013
Quiz 2:  03/18/2013 - 03/22/2013 
Quiz 3: 03/25/2013 - 03/29/2013

Quiz Details

To participate, you must register with the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation at For all CKSF scholarship quizzes, 500 points are awarded and one point is deducted for each second taken to complete a question. Results are available immediately to each participant and the overall ranking is available within three hours under the "Results" tab at