College HELP scholarship

July 18, 2014 · By Lladeris ·

The college HELP scholarship is in full effect. The Higher Education Life Preparation (HELP) scholarship will quiz college students on topics they should know before they graduate such as professional protocols, taxes and job search.

The career fact quizzes will run September through December and the financial quizzes will follow in January to April. Only 25% of the top scorers will move on to the championship rounds. If the student wins 1st place on either quizzes they will be the lucky winner of a $500 scholarship.

Common Knowledge Scholarship foundation (CKSF) is a non-profit organization that grants students scholarships without any strict requirements. No essays, no applications, and no required GPA. To learn more about this scholarship register on

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“Auto Math is Back!”

July 03, 2014 · By Lladeris ·

July 2014 - Scholarships and programs at CKSF are starting up full force! Students will once again have the opportunity to participate in the Auto Math Challenge for a chance to win a $250 scholarship and the National Auto Math Challenge Trophy. This time, there is a chance that there will be bigger prizes, as partnerships with different car companies seem to be in the near future.

CKSF’s new math scholarship program was a huge success. Auto Math was piloted in May 2014, and is a quiz with math questions based on cars, focusing on things like gas, car insurance and mileage. Many high school students are looking to purchase a car and need to learn about car maintenance, so finding a subject that relates to the audience is crucial in maintaining participation.

Next fall’s Auto Math Challenge, however, will be new and improved. Due to the success of the pilot, CKSF and our partners at Nova Southeastern University have decided to add an interesting twist. We are now introducing the ambassador program. High school students have been chosen from all over the country to develop the questions that will be in next year’s Auto Math Challenge. These students are also spreading the word about the Auto Math Challenge at their own schools as they volunteer to help create the questions.

Starting in the fall, high school students nationwide will have the opportunity to register for a chance to receive a $250 dollar scholarship, the national trophy, and more, simply by answering math questions created by other high school students.

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Catcher in the Rye Scholarship!

June 26, 2014 · By Lladeris ·

The Catcher in the Rye Scholarship is here and you can be the lucky person to win an electronic Amazon gift card. It doesn’t matter if you read the book once this scholarship is perfect for you. There will be four quizzes. Quiz 1 is chapters 1-7, Quiz 2 is chapters 8-14, Quiz 3 is chapters 15-20, and Quiz 4 is chapters 21-26.

The quizzes start August 4, 2014. 500 points can be won for each correct answer. Points are deducted depending on how long it will take you to answer each question. After the four quizzes there will be a Championship Round. Only 25% of participants make it to the Championship Round.

You won’t find this opportunity in many places. You can be the lucky winner to earn one of the electronic Amazon gift cards. I know I love to splurge on Amazon and now you can too!

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“Another Success for CKSF”

June 26, 2014 · By Lladeris ·

At the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation, scholarships are not the only programs running. This time, it is the CKSF’s internet safety program, and the winning schools have been determined.

            The USA-SOS (Safe Online Surfing) internet safety program was originally created and given at Nova Southeastern University, by a partnership between the Fischler School of Education and CKSF. To this date, over 4,000 students have participated. This is the programs 9th year, and it is still going strong, with about 200 students registering every month. USA-SOS is a free program that teaches students about the dangers of the internet, while still keeping things fun. Students are introduced to topics like privacy, passwords, and “netiquette” through scavenger hunts that keep the learning experience interesting and exciting. Quizzes are given before and after the hunts, with the school’s team score calculated from the top 20 students’ post-quiz score.

            This semester there were six winning schools, chosen out of all of the schools across the country, each from grade levels 3rd through 8th.

The following schools held the highest team scores:

3rd Grade: Creekside Elementary School in Spearfish, SD

4th Grade: Nohl Canyon Elementary School in Anaheim, CA

5th Grade: Glenwood Intermediate School in Canton, OH

6th Grade: Scullen Middle School in Naperville, IL

7th Grade: Cerro Villa Middle School in Villa Park, CA

8th Grade: Herbert A. Ammons Middle School in Miami, FL

            Congratulations to all of the winning schools, who received a national trophy, and to all of the students who participated. CKSF has again successfully helped students across the country learn about internet safety while still making the learning experience fun and captivating.

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The Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation Announces Available Scholarships during the Summer Months

June 10, 2014 · By Lladeris ·

The Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation, known for developing and delivering free online quizzes, doesn’t take a rest. During the summer, the organization will be running the Common Knowledge Scholarship to give students who weren’t able to apply for scholarships during the school year the opportunity to earn a scholarship.

The Common Knowledge Scholarship offers the unique chance to earn a scholarship without having to go through neither a long application process nor the need to write an essay. The scholarship is available to all High school and college students, as well as out of school individuals.

How does it Work?

Participants will be quizzed on trivia and common knowledge questions. These questions can come from a wide variety of subjects including but not limited to literature, biology, and law. Each quiz takes no more than five minutes to complete and is completely web based. There are a series of challenge quizzes that can be taken up to June 20th. The quizzes are scored on time and accuracy and will be added up for a total score. The top 25% scoring students will then advance to a championship round where a winner will be determined. The winning student will receive a $250 scholarship to the university or college of his or her choice.

How Do I participate?

Participants must do a one-time, short registration with CKSF to take the online quizzes. To do so, sign up on Once registered, scholarships will be matched to ones interests and be available for students to take. Year round, CKSF offers many scholarships for all kinds of students, majors, and interest. For that reason, sign up with CKSF and start earning scholarship money today!

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“Where Your Trash Goes Scholarship”, another CKSF Success

May 23, 2014 · By Lladeris ·

May 22, 2014—The Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation’s “Think Green – Where Your Trash Goes Scholarship” exposed the hidden treasures found in Waste Management’s website yielding a high participation and registration rate on its debut.

CKSF is known for providing no essay scholarships through the use of fun, online quizzes, and providing financial awards to those who score the highest. Specifically, the “Think Green – Where Your Trash Goes Scholarship” is based on material found on the Waste Management Inc. website, .  The scholarship was open to all high school, college, and out of school individuals in the United States. As a result, Stephani A. Prieto Salinas was able to win a $250 scholarship to the University of her Choice simply by knowing where your trash goes.

When asked about her thought on the scholarship, Stephani replied “[…] I feel like a genius because I know all this info about recycling, and different techniques that are out there when it comes to disposing trash.”

Along with providing the nation with recycling education, Waste Management is also a renewable energy provider and a firm believer in the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle concept.  The company offers solutions to communities that will aid them in the goal of accumulating zero waste. CKSF aimed to have 20,000 students register for the quiz and in return had over 31,000 registered students! “Taking this quiz is not only helping a student earn scholarship money, but it is also helping each student who participates the opportunity to become more informed on the environmental issues surrounding them,” says CKSF president Daryl Hulce.

Students have a chance to earn a scholarship without being compared to other students in regards to GPA or essays, as our winner clearly states “The thing I liked the most about the scholarship is how it was such a unique topic. It’s not like any other scholarships out there. It was definitely a breath of fresh air from the common essay scholarships.”

The Think Green Scholarship has made an impact. As garbage comes in, money is coming out. Luckily, the Think Green Scholarship is one of many quiz competitions that the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation has to offer. To get involved, register for an account on and get started right away!

About Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation

Developed and administered at Nova Southeastern University's Fischler School of Education, the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation (CKSF) creates unique opportunities for students of all ages by awarding scholarships and prizes through the use of Internet-based quiz competitions. Students who answer the greatest number of questions correctly in the shortest amount of time are declared contest winners. Since 2001, CKSF has awarded over $350,000 to 800 participants in the United States. CKSF scholarships can be used at the school of the winners' choice. For more information on CKSF, please visit

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CKSF National Auto Math Challenge

May 15, 2014 · By Lladeris ·

The Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation has reached new heights once again thanks to the National Auto Math Challenge! This New scholarship provides so much to the students who participate. Not only does each student have the opportunity to win a $250 scholarship, but they will also learn how to better handle their future car expenses.

The National Auto Math Challenge reached a record turn out! Although fairly new, this scholarship has received an outstanding registration and participation rate never expected. Students contacted CKSF to not only express their gratitude for the scholarship, but also to provide their services in making questions for the math challenge. These students have demonstrated value towards helping others strengthen their math skills as well as strengthening their own.

This scholarship is unique, for it has the power to engage students in math and strengthen their desire to become more proficient in basic math concepts to help them in their future endeavors, such as buying and maintaining their first car.

The challenge is comprised of a short quiz that will test high school students on math problems dealing with the purchase and maintenance of their first car. Being open to all high school students, the quiz has the potential to not only strengthen students understanding of mathematics, but also ease their parents and themselves with the knowledge of solving everyday maintenance questions as their first car purchase approaches.

The feedback received from the scholarship is encouraging. “It’s not just the fact that many students are registering to take the quiz and participating, but that they are so interested in getting more involved with the project,” says CKSF president Daryl Hulce.

With the use of the National Auto Math Challenge, CKSF hopes to guide students towards the path of vehicle financial literacy. All you have to do to get started is register for an account and take the quiz at!



The Sweet Chocolate

April 02, 2014 · By Arezoo Kavehzadeh ·

Here at The Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation, we constantly look for new and exciting scholarships that are educational and interesting at the same time. When searching our brains for a topic that would fit all these qualifications, the magical ingredient, CHOCOLATE, came to mind. It is the delightful treat that most people enjoy and there’s a great deal of science and technicalities behind it. So, it was decided. We were going to have a “Chocolate Scholarship” and someone was going to win $250 for knowing his/her chocolate. 

Unfortunately, none of us had any idea about the science behind chocolate or the technical aspect of the chocolate making process. So we went to our local chocolate shop, Schakolad, in Davie Fl, and asked for help. The owner, Mr. Bautista, was nice enough to dedicate a whole afternoon to teaching the staff of CKSF about the history of chocolate, the chocolate making process, different kinds of chocolate, and of course we got to sample the delicious variety of the chocolates in the store.  

After our educational session at the Schakolad, the team began working on questions and other preoperational steps. But this scholarship was different from the other scholarships that we had done before, or even any scholarship that we had seen before. Since the love for chocolate knows no age, gender or education, why should a scholarship about chocolate? So we decided to open this scholarship to everyone, so every chocolate enthusiast has the opportunity to show his/her love and appreciation for this sweet companion and win scholarship money.

We took care of everything, the information, the scholarship and the prize, so the only thing left for you to do is to read the information provided about chocolate (click on this link and this one) and take the scholarship quiz starting April 6th and win the $250 ( but don’t spend it all on chocolate!)

To read the other blog posts about the chocolate scholarship you can scroll down just a bit!


The Sweet Age of Chocolate

April 01, 2014 · By Arezoo Kavehzadeh ·



By Lladeris Roderiguez

Close your eyes and picture yourself walking into your local supermarket. When you walk into the candy isle you start to sweat bullets, your knees shake like a level ten earthquake, and the red mounds on your face start to appear like woman at a 50 percent off shoe sale. The tag on the chocolate selection suddenly says 21 and younger. This is not how you wanted to spend your 30th birthday! And then you wake up from this horrible nightmare.

The staff at the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation has taken it upon themselves the task to bring chocolate equality for all ages. For this reason, we have made the much anticipated chocolate scholarship available to all. Not only is this scholarship available to high school and college students who want to earn financial aid, but also to people out of school that are planning on going back or wish to help out their children’s financial struggles. Why did CKSF feel the need to make this scholarship as open to everyone?

Clearly, because we feel that chocolate is an omnipotent substance. It makes children smile, initiates the language of love, and makes people of all ages, cultures, and genders happy. And here at CKSF, we want people to be happy and be able to pay for their college education. If everyone loves chocolate, than everyone should be eligible to take this scholarship quiz and possibly earn a $250 scholarship.

Therefore, do not hesitate any longer! Log on to now and register for an account. Show chocolate that you care. 


The Sweet Scholarship

March 29, 2014 · By Arezoo Kavehzadeh ·

There is a world of possibilities when a student searches for “unusual scholarships.” You can find scholarships for tall people, for being part of the Asparagus Club, or for making a prom dress out of duck tape. The possibilities are endless.

However, one favorite ingredient seems to be missing from the recipe of unusual scholarship: chocolate.

Have you ever heard of a scholarship based on chocolate? No? Luckily for you, this unique scholarship actually exists.

Almost everyone would agree that they enjoy indulging in taste of chocolate after a long hard day at work or school or even at home.

For that reason, the staff at the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation has decided to make this particular scholarship available for every chocolate lover, whether they’re in high school, college, or even out of school.

The purpose of this scholarship is to educate on the science and technology behind the little piece of art we call chocolate. All you have to do is take a short, less than five minute quiz that will be scored on time and accuracy. If you learn enough about chocolate that you have the highest scoring quiz, you will win a $250 scholarship! It’s really that simple, and fun!

This is an exceptional scholarship that anyone could win. You don’t have to be too tall or too short or like asparagus! To win this scholarship all you have to do is study the CKSF web page “cheat sheet” and learn all about the journey of chocolate to perform well on the quiz, from when it’s a seed on the trunk of a  tree, to when it becomes a piece of happiness in your mouth.

Take action now and don’t let this unique scholarship go to waste! Log on to to register for an account and ignite your internal chocolatier.