“Bullying and the Law” Means Bully-Free Schools

November 27, 2013 ·

Bullying can’t wait, and warnings only go so far; it’s time students understood the legal consequences of bullying, and the “Bullying and the Law” program is your chance to initiate total awareness at your school and around the country.

Developed and administered by the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation at Nova Southeastern University, "Bullying and the Law" is designed to treat high school students as responsible young adults. Through this entirely FREE and WEB-BASED program, participating schools are able to educate students, parents and teachers on anti-bullying, civil rights, and harassment laws as well as the consequences of breaking these laws. Best of all, “Bullying and the Law” fits perfectly into US Government and History course curriculum!

FREE to every high school in sponsored states, “Bullying and the Law” is unlike the average anti-bullying assembly. Students start by visiting http://www.bullyingandthelaw.org, gaining access to a student-friendly review of their state’s bullying and cyberbullying laws, and move on to understand the associated vocabulary and watch newscasts of students arrested for bullying. At the end of the program participants take an online quiz, to ensure learning outcomes and advocate complete understanding. Participating schools have the opportunity to promote maturity and create a healthier learning environment.

Florida’s “Bullying and the Law” program is sponsored by Walser Law Firm, located in Boca Raton, and is highly dedicated to the cause. Attorney Thomas C. Walser states "there is something missing in the current bullying programs, none seem to address the legal issues associated with bullying. The Bullying and the Law program will fill the void that exists in understanding the legal consequences of bullying and harassment."

With this in mind, we encourage you to consider adopting “Bullying and the Law” for your school. This FREE ONLINE program is more than bully-prevention; it is a movement toward full consciousness of anti-bullying laws and penalties that when known are much more powerful than simple deterring techniques.


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