Carpe Diem…

November 27, 2013 ·

As a high school student, I tried to participate in enjoyable activities to get the volunteer hours I needed to graduate. I actually enjoyed doing these activities so much that I accumulated over 700 hours of community service and fun!

One of the greatest opportunities came my way in my junior year of high school. I learned that I could become a student ambassador for the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation and introduce the foundation and its scholarships to my classmates and friends.

The ambassador project was finished in 3 months and after that I continued on with my regular school and volunteer work. I thought that was the end of my connection with the foundation. But about six months later, when I was in my senior year, I heard that they were looking for interns. The position involved working with the scholarship website on the administrative part of it. I had no prior experience in the field, but I wasn’t afraid to try new things. I thought to myself that nothing is worse than not trying for the fear of failure. If I never tried, I would have kept thinking to myself what if I was capable of doing the task? On the other hand, if I tried and then failed I would know that this is not one of my strengths. Also, I had enjoyed my time working with the people, so I decided to apply for the internship. To me, this was the opportunity to enjoy myself and those around me, while gaining experience and learning skills that could be useful to me. I talked to my parents about it and they were very enthusiastic for me to begin a new experience.

Fast forward one year later, I’m still here. But now I’m a student employee, a senior intern, and I have learned just about everything about running the administrative side of the scholarships. Now I now walk the new interns through the steps that I once took with extreme caution and care.

I’m not saying that during my time here I haven’t made any mistakes, in fact I’ve made more than a few; from burning the pop corn in microwave to sending out the wrong email to the wrong people, I have gained many unwanted but necessary learning experiences. Had I not taken that first step to apply for the internship, I would not have grown into the person that I am now. I would not have arguably the best student employment job on campus. I would not have learned the great skills that I learned on this job and the skills that I can use at any point in my life. Overall, I consider myself lucky to be able to work alongside my friend’s everyday!


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