Catcher in the Rye Challenge Helps Pay for Back to School Expenses

August 9, 2013 ·

Whenever August rolls around, I always get excited and nervous at the sight of “Back to School Sale” signs everywhere. It’s exciting because it means shopping for new supplies like electronics, clothes, book bags, and for college freshmen, dorm accessories! But it’s also nerve-racking because it means money, money, and money out of my freshman budget.

When I first thought about paying for college, I honestly thought it would just be for tuition and textbooks. Things like food, cleaning products, and bedding completely slipped from my mind. But the other problem is that most scholarships, if I even win them, only cover parts of tuition. Great, I guess I’ll just starve for four years and shiver under my blanket made from leaves.

Thankfully, the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation (CKSF) is now offering electronic Amazon gift cards as its scholarship prizes. For its current Catcher in the Rye Challenge, the top ten scorers will receive a gift card to spend at Amazon’s massive online store, which can now be conveniently accessed from the CKSF website.

Anyone interested in participating has until September 1 to take the Challenge Round quizzes. So register at today and win some shopping money!

Learn more about the Catcher in the Rye Challenge here:

View the current results here:

Visit the CKSF Amazon store here:


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