CKSF Ambassadors

March 11, 2013 ·


In December of 2011 the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation launched a new program, where local high school students were given the opportunity to become their school’s “ambassadors” to the BYG (Before You Graduate) quiz program. The purpose of the ambassador program, and our job as ambassadors, was to introduce the local student body to the BYG program and to motivate them to participate in it. At least once a month the CKSF team would gather us –a group of fourteen high school students- to discuss our ideas and strategies for reaching our peers. 

We created press releases, sent email blasts and even made our own BYG quiz (called College Facts) based on the things we wanted to know about college life. For me particularly, working with the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation helped me develop stronger leadership skills. At our final award ceremony and banquet, I was awarded the esteemed title: “Ambassador of the Year” Since being introduce to CKSF through the first ambassador program, a number of us have continued volunteering our services the foundation; even assisting with the latest program for Key Club Ambassadors. 

CKSF Ambassadors came from the following schools in Broward County, Florida




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