CKSF Count Down to a Million

May 28, 2013 ·

For thirteen years, high school and college students have been signing up with the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation (CKSF) to win scholarships by testing what they know.  Sometime in June or July of 2013, an unsuspecting student will become the millionth to do so. 

Thirteen years ago, Alex Velasquez and Daryl Hulce noticed an interesting phenomenon; students from around the world were logging into their online quiz generator and taking quizzes for no apparent reason.  They wondered why anyone would do that, unless they were forced to as part of a course.  A couple of quick emails asking students why sparked a source for scholarships that really have become “common knowledge” in the scholarship world. 

As it turns out, all sorts of people want to test what they know or remember about a specific book, movie, course or general trivia.  When the chance to win money is added to the mix, the numbers increase exponentially! And this is the story of the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation.  Since its beginning, people have been donating money to create scholarship quizzes, and students across the United States have been signing up to take them. 

It isn’t hard to understand why Common Knowledge Scholarships are compared to most other scholarships.  With CKSF, there are no essays to write, no forms to fill out, no GPA requirements and it doesn’t matter how much money you or your parents make.  Scholarships are awarded based on what a person knows about the quiz topic and how quickly he/she can answer a set of quiz questions about the topic. 

There are several things that add to the appeal of Common Knowledge Scholarships.  The fast-paced quizzes are only 15 questions long.  Even students who take their time spend no more than ten minutes answering the questions. The quizzes are also automatically scored and results are displayed as soon as the student submits the last question.  All scores are then ranked on the CKSF results page But most of all, the quizzes are fun and interesting.  Many CKSF participants are fanatical about taking every CKSF quiz they can even though they have never won a scholarship; they just enjoy testing what they know and learning new things. 

So somewhere in the near future, a student will register with CKSF, probably in the middle of the night, and become the 1,000,000th person to do so.  There will be a small celebration in the CKSF office on the Nova Southeastern University campus in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; then, it’ll be a countdown to reach a million dollars in scholarships awarded. 

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