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March 21, 2013 ·

Maybe they have a receptionist by the door. Maybe they will seat me in a waiting area until they are ready to interview me. Maybe I should have worn a pair of dress pants. The endless maybes raced in my mind as I approached the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation front door. But as their impossible-to-see-through-from-the-outside door swung open, I learned with relief that my imagination had been far too colorful. Student employees in cubicles replaced the receptionist, and perhaps the small table with a bowl of mints in the middle could have served as the waiting area. As for the dress code, dress pants would have been a little too much.

As Daryl and Lauren interviewed me, I focused on minimizing my stutter and the ridiculous shake in my hands. I rambled on about my experiences and hoped that something about my boring life would impress them. Then suddenly, Lauren asked, "How would you rate your level of creativity on a scale of 1 to 10? And give an example where you applied your creativity." I will never forget this question because the office went dead silent for a minute as I racked my brain for a response. I finally settled for a 5 and gave an example I wasn't too proud of. Thankfully, they still welcomed me and later introduced me to a world of opportunities for my creativity to grow.  

I began the internship expecting to conquer the "Not Listed" schools and eventually become the "Not Listed" czar. But several hundred schools later, Daryl offered me the chance to run a blog/newsletter, News Ninja, which reaches an audience of thousands of students. Though all this is exciting, the best part about this internship is the people I work with. At CKSF, we are a family who brings out the best of each other and livens up the atmosphere of the office. Here, my strengths are recognized and my work is praised. There is always an opportunity for me to grow and to learn useful skills. And because dress pants aren't required, I almost feel like the office is my second home. But as Daryl always says, "You can't live here!"

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