CKSF National Auto Math Challenge

May 15, 2014 ·

The Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation has reached new heights once again thanks to the National Auto Math Challenge! This New scholarship provides so much to the students who participate. Not only does each student have the opportunity to win a $250 scholarship, but they will also learn how to better handle their future car expenses.

The National Auto Math Challenge reached a record turn out! Although fairly new, this scholarship has received an outstanding registration and participation rate never expected. Students contacted CKSF to not only express their gratitude for the scholarship, but also to provide their services in making questions for the math challenge. These students have demonstrated value towards helping others strengthen their math skills as well as strengthening their own.

This scholarship is unique, for it has the power to engage students in math and strengthen their desire to become more proficient in basic math concepts to help them in their future endeavors, such as buying and maintaining their first car.

The challenge is comprised of a short quiz that will test high school students on math problems dealing with the purchase and maintenance of their first car. Being open to all high school students, the quiz has the potential to not only strengthen students understanding of mathematics, but also ease their parents and themselves with the knowledge of solving everyday maintenance questions as their first car purchase approaches.

The feedback received from the scholarship is encouraging. “It’s not just the fact that many students are registering to take the quiz and participating, but that they are so interested in getting more involved with the project,” says CKSF president Daryl Hulce.

With the use of the National Auto Math Challenge, CKSF hopes to guide students towards the path of vehicle financial literacy. All you have to do to get started is register for an account and take the quiz at!



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