Daryl Hulce Awarded by FBI Director

March 11, 2013 ·

In early 2010, CKSF President Daryl Hulce accepted a Community Service Award from FBI Direct Robert Mueller.  Daryl was representing Nova Southeastern University for its part in developing the FBI-SOS (Safe Online Surfing) program.  The FBI-SOS (now USA-SOS) program is an Internet and Cyber Citizenship program for elementary and middle schools.

The program was developed using the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation’s core database and quiz mechanism. The concept for the FBI-SOS program was a result of lessons learned from an earlier scholarship created based on the Miami Dolphins.  It was from the Dolphins scholarship where it was learned that at CKSF we had a way to not only get students to a source of information but they would also study it so long as there was a prize at the end of sufficient size and value to motivate the students.  The Miami Dolphin’s scholarship was followed up with CKSF’s National FBI Scholarship, a scholarship quiz all about the FBI.  This scholarship was so popular that it caused the FBI recruitment office in Washington D.C. to call Daryl because they had so many people interested in working for the FBI during the scholarship contest.

Director Mueller’s recognition of the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation and Nova Southeastern University was a credit to Miami FBI Community Outreach Coordinator, Jeff Green and Special Agent Jim Lewis who were both instrumental in helping develop the program that has since educated over 350,000 kids in the United States.

The success of the program has put Daryl in a postion of helping other organizations develop and implement programs.  Most recently the core mechanism was used to create an ant-bullying program called the Bullying Academy, www.bullyingacademy.org.

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