Deborah Baldwin, Nursing Tuition Back Scholarship Winner!

January 21, 2014 ·

Debbie Baldwin, from Grand Canyon University in Arizona, is CKSF’s champion of the Nursing Tuition Back scholarship’s Pharmacology course for the fall term! This Nursing major at GCU’s College of Nursing demonstrated great knowledge in her course. She was able to study for her exams as she won scholarship money! Debbie was awarded $250 dollars to help her pay for nursing school. Even though it wasn’t the full possible $1,000 amount because her university was not a “Tuition Back” school, Debbie was thrilled to receive any type of financial help. In addition she tells us “The feeling of winning a national competition is pretty exciting, and it gives you a lot of confidence that you know the material well.”

This scholarship is particular in the sense that it helps generate motivation to further study for your course, not only to pass exams, but also with the incentive that money may be received for school. Debbie has actually managed to win two CKSF Nursing Tuition Back Scholarships, including the December 2011 anatomy and physiology scholarship! Once a student wins, they cannot participate in that specific course again, but surely they can participate in the other three Nursing Tuition Back course scholarships until they win. Any student can keep participating until they win. This leaves our second-time winner eligible to two more scholarships! Every student has the potential to win up to $4,000 in scholarships!

Debbie is a happy winner who recommends this opportunity for all students in Nursing School, especially for the incentive of doing better on final exams! “Overall, I’d say tutoring/teaching these subjects has been my best preparation for the quizzes,” says Debbie.

Therefore, all students in the College of Nursing should take Debbie as a figure of hope and motivation to not give up, and always strive for more. She put in effort and achieved in the end two scholarships and preparation for her classes!

 Register now at to participate in the next upcoming round for the four categories in the Nursing Tuition Back Scholarship, Introduction to professional nursing, anatomy & physiology, pathophysiology, and pharmacology, and win up to $1,000 in tuition for that class!


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