Feeding the Hand that Feeds Us

June 21, 2013 ·



To the average participant of the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation (CKSF) scholarships, we may be perceived as an organization of suit and tie wearers. But in reality, a large percentage of us are actually high school and college interns in your usual jeans and t-shirts. 

Though we love our interns from Pembroke Pines Charter High School, Mc Fatter Technical High School, and Nova Southeastern University, today’s post focuses more on our College Academy (CA) interns.

But how did these sneaky College Academy kids find their way to CKSF and overpopulate the place?

As a College Academy student myself, I’d like to thank Ms. Terri Roher (pronounced like “roar”), our wonderful college and scholarship advisor at CA. A fun and loving woman who knows where the money is at (scholarships), Ms. Roher also keeps an eye out for potential students who would fit well in the CKSF family. Whenever we need more interns, we let her know, and she never disappoints us. 

That very reason is why we treated her to breakfast at Ally’s Café in Davie, Florida today. Actually, Ms. Roher had recommended this café a while back and it quickly became a favorite. Not only does she find plentiful scholarships and unimaginable internships, but she also knows where to find good food. 

As we enjoyed our delectable grits, eggs, and pancakes, we filled the café with laughter and celebrated our appreciation for the magnificent Ms. Roher. 

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