Kelsey Draper, Nursing Tuition Back Scholarship Winner!

January 16, 2014 · Marie Draper, from East Carolina University in North Carolina, is CKSF’s champion of the Nursing Tuition Back scholarship’s Pathophysiology course for the fall term! This Nursing major at ECU’s College of Nursing studied and worked hard to excel on the Pathophysiology quiz which in turn also helped her perform well on her tests in the course. Even though her university was not one of our “tuition back” schools, Kelsey was very happy to be awarded $250 dollars to help her pay for nursing school. “there is nothing to lose but so much to gain with these scholarships, so why not register online today to gain access to free scholarship money?,” Says Kelsey. 

The very unique thing about this scholarship is how helpful it can be for the student’s studying motivation. It’s not just about winning money for tuition, but gaining knowledge for a course in the process. As Kelsey told us, “I'd explain Nursing Tuition Back Scholarship as a trivia game or preparation for the NCLEX exam.  The questions are similar to what will be on the NCLEX but it's also like a game because each second it takes you to answer the question, you lose points which can cost you your rank or the scholarship in the end.” It really is that simple and useful.

Kelsey persisted until she won. Once a student wins, they cannot participate in that specific course again, but surely they can participate in the other three Nursing Tuition Back course scholarships until they win. As did Kelsey, any student can keep participating until they win. This leaves our winner Kelsey eligible to three more scholarships! Every student has the potential to winning up to $4,000 in scholarships!

Kelsey is a happy winner who recommends this opportunity for all students in Nursing School! “These scholarships are based off information we already know and its fun to get practice in before a big exam, quiz or even the NCLEX exam,” Says Kelsey.

Therefore, all students in The College of Nursing should take Kelsey as a figure of hope and motivation. Register now at to participate in the next upcoming round for the four categories in the Nursing Tuition Back Scholarship, Introduction to professional nursing, anatomy & physiology, Pathophysiology, and pharmacology, and win up to $1,000 in tuition for that class!


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