Nursing Students Earn Tuition Back

November 13, 2013 ·

Tired of having to stop everything just to finish a scholarship essay or application, making it harder to keep up with studying for actual exams? Well, endure no longer. The Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation understands that finding time to participate in a scholarship can come second to school work, and asks, why can’t one benefit the other? CKSF is currently offering Tuition Back Scholarships, giving college students an opportunity to earn their "tuition back" by taking online quizzes designed to help them review and prepare for exams! Instead, all undergraduate nursing students (including international students) in the United States have the opportunity to essentially earn money for studying harder for their core nursing courses!

Unlike most scholarly educational programs, CKSF requires only a free registration at before participants have full access to an abundance of simple, curriculum based quizzes. Tuition Back is an amazing opportunity for nursing students, as each scholarship covers the primary concepts of core nursing courses without asking book specific questions. Offered each semester, Tuition Back quizzes are placed purposefully around midterm and final exam time, meant to increase study power! At the end of each semester, the high scorer from each course wins a scholarship to cover tuition for that class. Winners attending a participating Nursing Tuition Back Scholarship school will receive their tuition back up to $1,000! However, even those attending schools not yet participating also have a chance to receive a scholarship of $100. Like almost all CKSF scholarships, Tuition Back quizzes are scored on time and accuracy with three quizzes in the challenge round plus a final championship round made up of the top 25% highest scorers. Quiz topics include Introduction to Professional Nursing, Anatomy and Physiology, Pathophysiology, and Pharmacology and Tuition Back also offers scholarships to business and education majors.

CKSF focuses on providing fair scholarship opportunities to all levels without the often arduous essays, applications, and GPA requirements. Nursing students don’t miss out! For more information, visit

By Sara Girard


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