Nursing Tuition Back - Round 1

March 18, 2013 ·

Half way through the first round of the CKSF Nursing Scholarship there are only 317 nursing students competing for the scholarship money.  This makes the chances of winning this scholarship exceptional. 

As with all CKSF scholarships, there are no essays required for the nursing scholarship.  There are three 15 question quizzes based on a standard nursing anatomy and physiology course.  Each students' score is a combination of time and accuracy while taking the quizzes and the person with the highest score at the end wins.  Even if a participant doesn't score the highest, the nursing scholarship is a good review for the course.  

Tuition Back Scholarships are the next generation of paying for college.  If the winner of the CKSF Nursing Scholarship is from one of the Tuition Back Schools, the student will receive their tuition back for their anatomy and physiology course (up to $1,000).

There are several ways to become a Tuition Back school.


  1. A fee of $100 can be paid by your school or a sponsor (maybe an alum of your school or the student government)
  2. Your school can be invited by the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation
  3. A limited number of school earn entrance by having faculty submit applicable quiz questions for the scholarship topics
For additional information on participating in the CKSF Tuition Back Nursing Scholarship visit:


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