Nursing Tuition Back Scholarships

March 11, 2013 ·

Nursing Tuition Back Scholarships - Scholarships that benefit nursing schools as much as their students.

The Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation (CKSF) is once again spinning the scholarship world with fresh new thinking about better ways to provide scholarships. Beginning in March of 2013 CKSF is launching the first Tuition Back Scholarship for nursing students. 

Tuition Back Scholarships require no essays and are centered on the core courses all nursing students must take. The scholarship process entails students at participating schools to take a series of online quizzes that correspond to their midterm and final exam for a specific course (March is Anatomy and Physiology).  The quizzes act as an academic review to help prepare for exams with the added benefit of the highest scoring student winning their tuition back for the course. 

Tuition Back Scholarships are as beneficial for the nursing school as it is for the students. For the small sum of $100 per course, nursing schools can provide a scholarship opportunity to every student in their program, including international students. By participating in the Tuition Back Scholarship program, college administrators can answer scholarship complaints with a simple question, “did you participate in the Nursing Tuition Back Scholarship?”  If a student answers that they did not, well, it’s just hard to feel sorry for a student that didn’t try and win their tuition back by taking a quiz that helps them study for exams!

Nursing Tuition Back Scholarships can be found on the Common Knowledge scholarship Foundation Scholarship Calendar at



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