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March 25, 2013 ·

Imagine yourself at an elementary school at 3:15 on a Thursday afternoon and the students have just been released. What is the last thing any sane person would try and do?  The list is long and varied but the correct answer is herd the students into the library and try and get them all to do math.

And yet, look closely at this picture, these kids are so engaged trying to calculate basic math problems that at times they were literally crawling over the tables to see the quiz questions on the laptop.


It actually happens when we implement Pizza Math at a school.  Pizza Math is simply an online quiz in which all the quiz questions are simple math based on pizza.  Kids get 500 points for each correct answer and lose 1 point for each second it takes to calculate the answer. The person with the most points at the end of the quiz wins a free pizza.

So when it comes to Pizza Math, nothing is quite as it sounds.  Kids will do try very hard to do math after school and pizza becomes the carrot (it's all very metaphorical).

Making the Pizza Math a little easier to implement was teaming up with a Kiwanis club in south Florida that sponsors a K-kids.  It made for a great activity during a regularly scheduled K-Kids meeting. And if you really have things together, you can have a pizza shop donate or discount the pizza.  For this Pizza Math day, Pizza Loft in Davie, Florida helped us with the pizza.  The Kiwanis president then became a patron of the restaurant and everyone came out ahead.  Kids did math and had pizza and the big hearted pizza shop ended up with new customers.





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