Raechal Fotusky, Nursing Tuition Back Scholarship Winner

January 23, 2014 ·

Raechal Fotusky, from The University of Pennsylvania, is CKSF’s Anatomy & Physiology Nursing Tuition Back winner for the fall term! This Nursing major at UPENN exhibited outstanding efforts in studying not just for the scholarship quiz, but also for her midterm and final exams. Raechal, coming from a Nursing Tuition Back School, received the full possible scholarship amount of $1,000! “The tuition back scholarship offers a great opportunity to use what you've learned in college to earn money. It gives people the opportunity to show how much knowledge they have gained and allows them to be rewarded and recognized for their hard work,” says Raechal.

This bright young lady from UPENN definitely received her well earned recognition. As she tells us, her A&P course at UPENN was a challenging one and for this reason she felt highly prepared and motivated to win! Once a student wins, they cannot participate in that specific course again, but surely they can participate in the other three Nursing Tuition Back course scholarships until they win. Any student can keep participating until they win. This leaves our winner Raechal eligible to three more scholarships! Every student has the potential to winning up to $4,000 in scholarships!

“I would recommend this to students due to the academic benefits in the courses that they are taking. They will be encouraged to increase their effort regarding school work and hopefully broaden their knowledge base more than they would have without the incentive.” Taking Raechal’s advice can be the next step in earning money to pay off school debt. For that reason, register now at cksf.org to participate in the next upcoming round for the four categories in the Nursing Tuition Back Scholarship, Introduction to professional nursing, anatomy & physiology, Pathophysiology, and pharmacology, and win up to $1,000 in tuition for that class!

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