Scholarships for Homeschool

May 31, 2013 ·


The school year is coming to an end for many high school students, but we want to take a moment to focus on those students whose “school” never closes: the thousands of home school students whose classrooms are also their living rooms. At the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation (CKSF), we know that the process of figuring out how to pay for college is a daunting one.  With long, complicated financial aid and scholarship forms that often ignore a “Home School” option, we understand the frustration of applying for money you rightly deserve when you don’t fit the “traditional” student mold.  That frustration is, in part, what led to the start of CKSF in 2001.  Just like how not every student is a stellar academic or award-winning athlete, not every student leaves home for eight hours-a-day, 180 days-a-year to receive a quality education.

Whether you call your teacher “Ms. Smith” or “Mom,” CKSF has a scholarship for you.  Once registered with us, it does not matter whether you are home schooled by Dad or attend an elite, Ivy League preparatory school.  We strive to create an environment of scholarship opportunities in which every one of our students has an equal chance of earning a scholarship through CKSF.  Our scholarships have been won by home schoolers before, and we are confident they will be again and again. 

If you are home schooled or know someone that is, feel free to contact CKSF.  The contact link is at the bottom of the CKSF website or you can click here.

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