The Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation Announces Available Scholarships during the Summer Months

June 10, 2014 ·

The Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation, known for developing and delivering free online quizzes, doesn’t take a rest. During the summer, the organization will be running the Common Knowledge Scholarship to give students who weren’t able to apply for scholarships during the school year the opportunity to earn a scholarship.

The Common Knowledge Scholarship offers the unique chance to earn a scholarship without having to go through neither a long application process nor the need to write an essay. The scholarship is available to all High school and college students, as well as out of school individuals.

How does it Work?

Participants will be quizzed on trivia and common knowledge questions. These questions can come from a wide variety of subjects including but not limited to literature, biology, and law. Each quiz takes no more than five minutes to complete and is completely web based. There are a series of challenge quizzes that can be taken up to June 20th. The quizzes are scored on time and accuracy and will be added up for a total score. The top 25% scoring students will then advance to a championship round where a winner will be determined. The winning student will receive a $250 scholarship to the university or college of his or her choice.

How Do I participate?

Participants must do a one-time, short registration with CKSF to take the online quizzes. To do so, sign up on Once registered, scholarships will be matched to ones interests and be available for students to take. Year round, CKSF offers many scholarships for all kinds of students, majors, and interest. For that reason, sign up with CKSF and start earning scholarship money today!

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