"The Meeting"

November 11, 2013 ·

November 11, 2013. Although I wasn’t informed of going to this meeting with the University’s VP, I must say it was an experience like no other in my 18 year life-span. Never before had I been in a big, ventilated, administrative office inhabited by an oval table used for discussing business proposals and marketing strategies. I never thought this would be of interest to me, but it was truly amazing. 

Nova Southeastern University’s Vice President, Dr. Brown is one of the sweetest, most understanding women I have ever met. She took great interest in all of us and what we do at CKSF. She even wrote down all of our names and hometowns which really made me feel important and taken seriously. The meetings main topic had to do with our arduously working employee, Jen, who has dedicated much of her time to a Marine Biology scholarship. I’m relatively new to the office and how the business world works, but it was clear in that meeting that all of our employees really do dedicate a lot of their time and talents to help this scholarship foundation with such sincere interest that it really got to me and made me realize I’m in a good place. Jen gave such an amazing presentation about the benefits of all her hard work that Dr. Brown had nothing else to say but “good job”.

Long story short, even though some people may not believe in the benefits of this organization, it is clear that Dr. Brown did. For the first time ever Marine Biology has the second highest enrollment increase at NSU this 2013/14 term thanks to the efforts of our Marine Biology scholarship. Not only has it helped out many students financially to further their education but it has also helped tremendously to raise awareness about NSU and its Marine Biology program. This truly is a great university due for some recognition to all the wonderful opportunities it provides its students.  

I felt like an executive at that meeting. When Bridget went on her marketing tangent my first thought was …”oh Bridget” and then I realized I was just in awe of our secret weapons talents.  Not to mention Belen speaking about her Environmental Science Scholarship. She expressed such zeal and confidence in spite of feeling ill. It’s a shame Eric wasn’t there to really just put the cherry on top and make it a party. Our interns, Robert and Stephany, showed tremendously impressive skills considering that they are still in high school! This is mind boggling to me because they do so much and do it so well at such a young age. I know Dr. Brown was definitely impressed by it. It was the first day I met Carolina and must say she’s a sweetheart I hope to meet at a more personal level. Evelyn, whom I also met on that day, was such a cutie and seemed very nice. I feel like I’m missing someone…oh yea, Daryl! This man is pure greatness. He’s taken us all in as if we really were his kids. Someone so wholehearted is hard to find. There were some beloved employees not at the meeting that are so important and friendly and seriously missed whenever not around. We really are lucky here at CKSF. I feel as though in the span of a month I’ve gained a family like no other. 

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