The New Key Club Challenge Scholarship is Now Ready

October 1, 2013 ·

Key Club members across the country are excited to participate in the fourth Key Club Challenge, taking place in October, 2013. What started out as a local scholarship in South Florida is expanding into a national scholarship for all high school students in the United States.

The Key Club Challenge (KCC) is a free program for all high school students about Kiwanis' history, mission, objectives, Servant Leadership Programs, and major past projects to become better leaders within the community.

After meeting resistance on a local level, Key Club Member Nick Azcarate still believed that the KCC should be implemented at every high school in the country, “I served as the president of my Key Club, and I saw, firsthand, the effects on the members at my school. Attendance at meetings and events skyrocketed, allowing for us to have a very successful year. Taking on the scholarship was tough; I had to raise the funds for the scholarship myself, but I know it will be worth it in the end.”

Students who continually serve their communities can now be recognized for their dedication. Each high school participates as one team, and the highest scoring team wins a trophy and certificates. The highest scoring individual in the overall competition earns the title of ‘KCC National Champion’ and receives a $500 scholarship, which may be used at the college of the winner’s choice.

Every high school student in the country, regardless of whether he/she is a Key Club member, may participate. Key Clubs can use this as a membership recruitment tool to reinforce their current and future leaders with the values of Kiwanis International.

The winning team may be recognized by their sponsoring Kiwanis Club and the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation.

Registration is now opened at and students can take the quiz between October 7 and October 18, 2013.

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