The Old Testament: An All Time Classic for Generations to Come

January 30, 2014 ·

As the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation's writer, I am thrilled to announce a Bible Scholarship! Why? Think about it this way, every car has a manual. Each car’s manual differs from that of another car. It’d be unwise to use the manual for a Toyota car to find orientation on the makings of a Honda because each manufacturer knows its car best. Why am I using this comparison?

As a strong believer of the Bible, I feel as though it is a manual put for all humans under their creator who knows us best. It is a very particular classic that never grows out of style and keep its prominent place among all cultures and societies. The stories have been passed down as fables, lessons, and examples for everyday life whether you’re a Christian or not. The Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation has run a Bible Scholarship many times in the past. Being jealous for being the only employee not directing a scholarship, I decided to dive into The Bible Scholarship myself!

Many people of all different backgrounds are passionate about the Bible which explains why it usually yields one of the highest participations rates among all the other scholarships that CKSF coordinates. The Bible Scholarship this year will be based on four different books of the Old Testament, one for each of four months that will begin in February with the book of Genesis. The following months will challenge Exodus, Ruth, and Job. This scholarship is open to all high school and college students as well as parents who’d like to earn scholarship money for their kids.

This web-based Bible Scholarship is set up like all other CKSF scholarships where there are two challenge rounds followed by a championship round for the top 25% of scorers. Each of the three rounds contains 15 questions. Contrary to most CKSF cheat sheets that contain links to online sources for which the questions were derived, the only source to read for this scholarship is the Bible itself. The winner will receive a $250 scholarship to the University of their choosing.

The great thing about CKSF is that no essays or GPA requirements are needed to participate. Plus, there is a wide spectrum of scholarship subjects to test common knowledge for any type of student. The Bible scholarship is one I feel can make a difference as it provides an incentive and motivation for students to read it. Reading the Bible can help numerous aspects of everyday life and, for that reason, I truly hope that it is as enjoyable to take as it was for me to put together.

Therefore do not hesitate any longer and register with today to get started on your financial help needs with a unique, passion-filled scholarship!


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