The Perks of Being a CKSF Participant

July 18, 2013 ·

Sometimes, being in the middle just stinks, like being the middle child who gets compared to the oldest sibling while the youngest sibling gets all the attention. It also stinks during the financial aid process when you’re not quite wealthy enough to pay for tuition without loans, but you’re not quite poor enough to qualify for need-based scholarships. The same goes for merit-based scholarships! I’m not dumb; I’m just not Einstein-smart! 

Good news for us middle people is that the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation (CKSF) doesn’t look at our financial status or our GPA! On top of that, no essays are required, and its multiple-choice quiz scholarships only take a few minutes.

Just last week, I completed CKSF’s The Great Gatsby Scholarship in less than five minutes. CKSF heard the cries of students who dread to read century-old novels in English courses. As an incentive, The Great Gatsby Scholarship launched last week to give students a chance to win $250 by demonstrating what they read. Even better, it asks questions based on actual events from the story rather than on the author’s hidden messages.

But CKSF doesn’t stop there. Recently, it introduced the Tuition Back Scholarships, which are aimed at undergraduate nursing, business, and education students. CKSF takes the introductory courses for these majors and turns them each into a scholarship. Students then have the opportunity to earn their tuition back up to $1,000 per course if their school is a Tuition Back school.

This very reason leads me to wonder whether or not I should’ve majored in nursing, business, or education. Regardless, there are plenty of other CKSF scholarships for the rest of us, like the Festivus Scholarship coming up in September, and that certainly does not stink. 

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