The Sweet Field Trip

March 25, 2014 ·


Friday, January 17th was one of the rare days of the year, when the weather in Florida was cool and breezy. It was a perfect day for an office field trip, so we, the CKSF staff, got into our cars and drove to Schakolad, a local chocolate shop. As we walked in, we were greeted with hot chocolate and it was truly the best that we had ever tasted.

After the sweet indulgence we all listened carefully to lean all about the science and history behind this little treat. The owner, Mr. Bautista, was very nice and he let us taste and sample the variety of chocolates that they had at the shop and then he let us drink a  piece of heaven when he poured us his specialty hot chocolate.

there, the 8 of us sat on the couches and around the tables to listen carefully as he described how the chocolate went from being held by the royalty to the hands of the common people and as well as the transformation from the liquid form to a solid bar. The staff even tasted the different kinds of chocolate that they use as their starting ingredients: the 70% dark chocolate, the milk chocolate, and the not so delightful 100% dark chocolate. [may be add Bridget’s picture here!!

After listening to Mr. Baustista and learning about the journey of chocolate, we were all excited to start running the scholarship. From writing questions, to writing the newsletter and the cheat sheet, each of us has a part in this scholarship and we can’t wait to share this sweet knowledge with you!


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