USA-SOS Internet Challenge

October 24, 2013 ·

Whenever I thought of the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation, I automatically thought of timed online quizzes. That was all.

However, everything changed as I became one of their new employees. My dim outlook on the scholarships and the organization as a whole started to beam with a new, radiating light. CKSF is not just involved in online-based quiz scholarships, which I highly recommend, but also in programs designed for younger students to learn about internet safety and overall preparedness for what awaits them in this new, constantly developing, technological era.

Thus, I began to look into all these offered programs and had one significantly stand out. The Safe Online Surfing challenge is a free program offered nationwide to both public and private schools. This Challenge ultimately teaches children within grades three to eight to highlight the necessity for internet surfing training and unfortunate outcomes that could happen without this training. It is designed to meet federal and state internet safety mandates and therefore the program asks students to take web-based quizzes and complete an online Scavenger Hunt to not only learn, but also test the knowledge base. Then, at the end of December and May, the USA-SOS National Trophy is awarded to schools that had the higher scoring students.

The program starts at the beginning of every September and January to facilitate teachers planning out their curriculum and programs.

Registration for the program can easily be done in five minutes for both teachers and student at the Programs official website:

While the student engages in the program, they will be asked to take a pre-quiz to test their prior knowledge on the subject, followed by a scavenger hunt full of videos and fun activities to engage the students while they learn about online safety, followed by a post-quiz to review the students’ final results.

The topics discussed in the program include passwords, privacy, recording, cyber-bullying, netiquette, virus protection, copyright, reputable sites, plagiarism, online predators, email, chat rooms, instant messaging, cell phones, social networking, gaming, and even sexting. Clearly, it’s an informative program that I myself even registered as a faculty member here at CKSF. I learned more than I thought I would and I’m already in College! This education is priceless and might really be able to significantly impact student outlook on the web to a better, safe one.

Don’t hesitate to look up further information on the website. If any questions come up while you read the site, notice that on the upper right corner there’s a link to contact someone who can better help you. Take advantage of the USA-SOS program!


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