Wharton School of Business at UPENN has Teamed Up with CKSF to Promote Nursing Tuition Back Scholarship

January 29, 2014 ·

Undergraduate students from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania proved what they are made of as they promoted the Nursing Tuition Back Scholarship to 13 nursing schools in the Philadelphia area.

http://fic.wharton.upenn.edu/fic/LT_REDBLUE.jpgDuring their first semester at UPENN, Wharton students are required to take Management 100, a course that has them adopt a nonprofit organization. The ten students who adopted the CKSF project worked tirelessly, going above and beyond, to ensure the program was a success.

These students at UPENN were very organized as they made weekly objectives sent to Daryl Hulce, CKSF president. They also calculated a budget and visited the Nursing Colleges and Universities in Philadelphia to raise awareness of the Nursing Tuition Back scholarship. They believed in how easy the Scholarship methods used by CKSF are and felt the need to share it very enthusiastically. They created numerous marketing materials to demonstrate the simplicity of the Nursing Tuition Back Scholarship.

Thanks to the effort of these bright students, word about the scholarship quickly spread and one of the champions of the scholarship was actually none other than a UPENN student. The winner, Raechal Fotusky, won back $1,000 for her tuition. This scholarship can have a huge impact in helping College of Nursing students study as the win scholarship money. We thank the Wharton students who helped The Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation for helping students learn of opportunities that await them. 


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