The Bible Scholarship

Daryl Hulce, president for the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation, is sponsoring The Bible Scholarship for the Month of February!

The Bible is without a doubt a book that holds fascination for its mystery and long term recognition. People of all backgrounds know at least one bible story and recognize its value to project lessons and morals that can benefit all.

Agreeing with the immense value of the Bible and its power over people of many cultures and religions, Daryl saw it fit to make it into a scholarship. As a result, over time it has yielded to one of the highest registration and participation rates out of the wide variety of scholarships CKSF has ever offered.

Noticing that the scholarship hadn’t been run in a while, I asked Daryl if it would be alright if I coordinated it to run this year again. I’m a bible enthusiast and I was looking forward to being in charge of my first scholarship here at CKSF.

Daryl, being kind-hearted as usual agreed. Not only did he agree, but he also donated $275 for the first of four months in this series of Bible scholarships. This was his effort to get the scholarship started and now challenges three other organizations to step up and help sponsor the next three Bible challenges that will be based off of Exodus, Ruth, and Job.  I’m personally very grateful for his help in everything with this scholarship, considering I’m a coordinating newbie.

Daryl always seems to want to help all the humans he can in any way possible. Here at CKSF, the staff is very happy to be able to collaborate with such a talented man in many subject areas. Thanks to his generous donation, a student will get the chance to win a $250 scholarship for the Genesis Challenge that is now going available to everyone.

It’s not too late to participate for this month! For all students interested, register and register to become a part in our Bible Scholarship.

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