What if Biology was a Sport?

What if high school biology class was a sport? And what if each high school was a team and every student was eligible to participate?  And what if the best biology students served as the captains and it was to their benefit to help all the other students do well?

Teachers would still be teachers – but in this metaphor they would be the biology team coaches.  Once a month there would be a game, which was nothing more than an online quiz.  Students would get individual scores that would accumulate into their school’s team score.

At the end of the season there would be a tournament and a team would be crowned the Biology Champions.  Each school might recognize one student as MVP – or maybe one student from each grade as MVP.  Each state would have a state champion and state level MVP.

What if winning the state biology championship was as important and impressive as winning the state high school football championship?

What if?

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